Saturday, February 21, 2009

Secure Internet via VPN

Internet browsing, e-mail, downloads, e-commerce, online shopping, auctions etc have become a norm. Security and service issues are the biggest concerns in modern electronics-driven world. There is a new
vpn based internet which aims at providing higher level of service and security using a 128-bit encryption. This advanced level of encryption offers enhanced protection to your information over the internet. Secure internet is still the quest of a large number of people. Maybe the solution lies in new technologies, till something superior comes around.

Cave Home Up for Sale!!!

People have strange tastes and fancies and when they live in the US, the eccentricities seem to go a little haywire. This is what happened to a family in Festus, Missouri (MO), US. They bought a cave on a 3 acre property and remodeled the grotto into a home and a fancy one at that. The cave has hardwood floors, fancy kitchen cabinets and all the comforts of any city home.

But unfortunately the owners are now caught up in the home mortgage crises like most homeowners in the US are and may lose the home to their bankers if they don't come up with the money within 60 days. So what do they do? they have put up the home (cave) for sale on Ebay for $300,000. They are trying to raise money through friends and family to keep the home. Here is my best wishes for them to raise money to tide over the crises and continue to live in a dwelling which they have so painstakingly crafted in the lap of nature.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Learn about file extensions online!

One of the most complex things I faced when I was new to the world of computers is the myriad varieties file names. Each file name is divided into two parts and the latter is known as an extension. One can usually identify the type of file based on its extension. For example file extension dat indicates a data file. These files are built in such a way that they can store any information type. It can be text, data, and both etc. The DAT file is perhaps one of the simplest to handle, it can be edited with a text editor. But to open the file one needs to have the software that was originally used to create it.

Coming back to the original purpose of this post, some file extensions can really fox users. When one is in such a situation there is the file extension library which has information about pretty much all types of files. The online resource can demystify your dilemma and tell you what is the exact type of file you are dealing with.

Inspiring Feel Good Video

One of my close friends forwarded a link to this video. When I watched it for the first time I couldn't quite understand. So I watched it again and this time I paid more attention on the voice... then I understood the message. This is basically a feel good video meant to inspire viewers/ listeners. Heavy on text and voice with very little video element, this presentation has been crafted such that the message is rendered in a very persuasive manner. Thought I'd share it with my blog readers and elicit their comments.

Monday, February 16, 2009

New Models at the Mumbai Auto Show 2009

I found this video on the comment attached to the video mislead me into watching (or should I say enduring) the entire 5.5 minutes hoping to get a glimpse of the new motorcycles from Royal Enfield. But then apart from bad presentation and reporting the video contains a fleeting glimpse of the two wheeled wonders. Anyway this is one of the most mediocre works I have ever come across. Hope they will do a better job next time around.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Long time, No see!!!

Well, what do I say? I have not blogged since 4-5 days because nothing significant happened. My routine has been quite the same... classes, library and home. Pretty boring.. huh... well that is how life is if you are in the US and belong to the burgeoning student community. You can't work outside of the campus and with the economy the way it is, on-campus jobs are all taken by local students, so that leaves us international students jobless. The best we can do is to spend maximum time in the library either studying or browsing the internet.
If one is supremely lucky and has found a good group of friends in the college then you could go and hang out in the student life area and play pool, Table Tennis or something like that. But otherwise life is pretty boring as mine is right now...