Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy Pongal and Makar Sankranti

Back home in India and at the homes of Hindus Worldwide today and tomorrow are being widely celebrated as Pongal and Sankranti. These are basically celebrated and perceived as harvest festivals by most people. There is a greater meaning however, this is the day when the Sun's northward journey aka Uttarayan starts. This festival has been celebrated for several thousand years across the world. Way back it was celebrated in South America by the Mayans, who built the fantastic temples that are still a marvel to modern architects.

Maya is a historical/ mythological character in Hinduism, he is the architect of the gods and demons alike. Legend is that when Lord Shiva, destroyed the three cities built by Maya, he was spared and banished to Patala Loka (nether world). The earth is a globe and if one were to trace a straight path through the earth from India, it would probably end up around South America where Maya was sent. The Mayan people were his descendants. Therefore it was not a wonder that they celebrated the Makar Sankranti also.

Anyway this blog post is a message to all my readers, friends and family wishing you all a very happy Sankranti and may the future be full of revolutionary and positive changes in your life.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Low Cost Quality Eye Glasses From Zenni

Many of my family members have been wearing glasses since the past several years. My dad, brother, and sister have probably spent several hundred dollars buying replacement glasses when they break them or the fashion changes. Every time they replaced their glasses they cribbed about how expensive they were.

I recently suggested them to try Zenni Optical, the one stop shop for cheap eyeglasses made using the most modern materials. Like everyone else they were also skeptical about the quality of these low cost eyeglasses, but these apprehensions vanished when they got their vision accessories on hand.

Now that my family is convinced about the merits of Zenni Optical I would like to tell the rest of my circle how it is possible for this company to offer quality eyeglasses for such low prices. It is quite simple actually, Zenni sells their product direct to the customer, i.e. you. There are no dealers, distributors, stockists, or retailers and virtually no advertising budgets.

Another unique feature of Zenni is that they don't sell other brands. They manufacture their own brand ZENNI and sell them to you. This has enabled Zenni to drastically cut the cost of their quality eyeglasses.

Recently Zenni Optical was reviewed by where everything about this eye glasses company has been explained.

If you want a new pair of glasses just go to Zenni and save yourself a lot of money. In this economy it makes a lot of sense to save money.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Happenings in Bengaluru!!!

Though I am in the US in body and physique, my heart and soul are in Bengaluru, India and in our farm at Kadvekere Doddi, Kanakapura, India. Meanwhile our farm is being managed by my good friend Anand who has promoted a venture known as Basic Halli, an adventure, nature getaway from the Silicon Valley of India.

I recently received an update that the first harvest of organic vegetables is available to people. Hopefully during the next harvest I will be present to pick the fruits off of our farm. But for now I content myself in looking at the pictures of the produce and the area.