Saturday, February 08, 2014

The End

I have been blogging on this platform for the past 6-7 years and now I am tired. This is going to be my last blogpost. I am stopping!!!

Friday, February 07, 2014

Money Breaks Families!!!

Money, wealth, riches, opulence, treasure, whatever the term one might use to describe the means of transaction in this world is often the cause of disputes between people. Money has the power to buy anything in this world... people joke that "Those who say money can't buy everything doesn't know where to shop". In the same parlance money makes best friends into worst enemies, and turns family into foes.

This is what has happened to the family of the late Civil Rights Activist Rev. Martin Luther King's family. His children have been fighting over his estate of papers, letters, property, and now even the bible he carried and his Nobel Peace Prize are in the dispute. I came across a news article about how the daughter and sons of the late hero are in court battling over the possession and ownership of the last two items mentioned above.

Sad but true children don't seem to care about their parent's legacy if it doesn't turn into money. I guess then money is what makes the world go round for these people.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

69-Year-Old Man Is Still In The Mental Hospital He Entered After Stealing A $20 Necklace In 1971

Official neglect and apathy happens in the most advanced societies where there are checks and balances established. In this case I was outraged that someone had to spend over 40 years in the Mental Hospital. This is a classic case of official neglect, that is often seen in the realms of bureaucracy. It is not like this man is unsupported, he has lawyers fighting his case but the red tape is so strong that even men of law have not been able to penetrate this.
I wonder what kind of life this man is going to have even if he is freed today. I hope he has some kind of family that will take him in and care for him during his sunset years. A potentially productive life wasted due to official neglect.

A 69-Year-Old Man Is Still In The Mental Hospital He Entered After Stealing A $20 Necklace In 1971
In 1971, Franklin H. Frye was accused of...
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Monday, February 03, 2014

China's unwanted babies: Mostly girls, sick, or disabled

China's unwanted babies once mostly girls, now mostly sick, disabled

Communist/ socialist states always proclaim how well they take care of their citizens. Soviet Union's record came to light during Stalin era. After the collapse of Soviet Union, China took over as the last communist bastion. Slowly but surely the world's most populous nation made strides to industrialization and population control and today the country is flexing its muscle and proclaim its superpower status.
As one part of China progresses to super power status the murky underbelly of the nation is coming into increased international exposure. The latest is in the newsreport appended below.        

By Li Hui and Ben Blanchard TIANJIN, China (Reuters) - Fangfang was just a few days old when she was abandoned on a near freezing New Year's Day in north China. "...
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