Tuesday, January 04, 2011

A different New Year Resolution

I came across this news article online about a man in Frisco, TX whose new year resolution was to celebrate his weight loss of the previous year. Chris Kern lost 120 lbs during the past year and became healthier, fitter and happier. He is now training to run a half-marathon.

Now that is what I call a real new year resolution. In this context the New Year is just a date on which he took the pledge to lose weight and cut down on unhealthy eating in order to be healthy and perhaps set an example to his three children.

Most people make resolutions only to break them a week down the line. In fact I myself have started several projects only to abandon them after sometime. This kind of resolve and determination is truly admirable. Chris Kern's blog is quite informative about his journey from 325 lbs to 200 lbs.

With over 35 percent of Americans being obese there is a need for this man's example to be emulated.