Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wish you all a very Happy Diwali

Diwali Deep.Image via Wikipedia

Deepavali (Diwali) the festival of lights during which we Hindus symbolically eliminate darkness, ignorance, and evil from this world and work for a better tomorrow is here. We kicked off the three day festival by visiting the temple and one of our close friends. We look forward to the weekend which will hopefully full of festivities.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

California's Ocean front views....

I was posting pictures of my visit to California's water front areas, the Point Lobos National Park which presents some of the most stunning view of the ocean. While at Point Lobos we also took time off to hike on the Cypress Groove Trail which traverses the cliffs along the ocean. It is a great feeling to watch the waves thunder and collide with the rocky cliffs. The sound of water hitting the rocks and receding back appears like the drum beats of a rock concert. Along the trail there are places where the ocean is completely hidden behind a curtain of trees and suddenly comes into view between rock formations or between two cliffs. There is abundance of wildlife such as deer, seagulls and other herbivores. At least during the day we didn't see any carnivores like the Cayote or Hyena or Mountain Lion. I guess hikers are safe in this region because the deer and rabbits wouldn't harm us.

Ocean views along the Cypress Groove Trail at Point Lobos

Stunning Scenery....

Waves crashing into the rocks along the coast

The surf comes in....

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Defending People Charged with White Collar Crimes!!!

The United States is a knowledge economy and has outsourced all its manufacturing to China, services to India and other nations. In this kind of scenario the kind of crimes that take place are also equally complicated. The most high profile frauds take place in the financial and banking sectors. Most of these crimes come under the category of white collar crimes. There is no violence, blood shed, criminal intimidation or anything as such. Crimes are carried out on paper and sometimes through the use of computers and internet.

The city of Dallas has seen lot of people being charged under white collar crimes during the past few years. It is important that these people have a good dallas criminal lawyer fighting their case. This is more important if one is innocent and trying to clear their names and preserve their rights. Often people are under the false impression that white collar crimes are not taken so seriously. That is not correct if anyone is charged with credit card fraud, embezzlement, bribery, larceny, tax evasion, healthcare fraud, etc, it is a serious issue. The defendant will surely need a white collar crime lawyer dallas to represent them in the court of law.

There are few experienced criminal lawyer dallas so it is best to go with them and save your name and rights.

Water... Water... In every picture...

I was blogging about my love for waterfront getaways and was posting pictures of the various beautiful waterfronts I have visited during the past 2 years in the US. There are so many pictures that I had split the post into several instalments to be able to do justice to them. The vast azure oceans in California, frothy beaches of Santa Cruz, calm coves of Big Basin National Park, the numerous community lakes and small water bodies all provide great picture opportunities. Here are some of those pictures... would love to hear whether you like them or not.

Frothy oceanfront at Santa Cruz, CA

Big Basin coves, waters appear calm... but beware

The true vista of the ocean

Beautiful picture postcard scenery...

Save on Auto Insurance!!!

Automobile ownership comes with several costs and many studies have proved that Insurance can be one of the top costs. I guess these studies are old because I just found a great new website where I can get Free Auto Insurance Quotes from a wide array of providers and choose the best that works. The website claims to provide you upto $500 savings on your insurance payments.

I decided to check it out for myself and visited I opted to get quotes from Geico and Nationwide insurance companies. We have two cars in our family. I commute to school and work while my significant other works from home. So her car is pretty much a vehicle for leisure. Under these circumstances I wanted to know if any savings could be achieved by switching to a new insurance provider.

The quotes I received online were free so that is one hassle free transaction. As per the Geico quote I stand to save over $800 a year on our auto insurance costs. That is a great saving indeed. Nationwide's quote was not so attractive, but did give me a small discount from the present rate.

After my experience with I would encourage you all to check it out before buying insurance. If your insurance is due for renewal I'd suggest you consider your options and see if you can save money before blindly renewing your policy with the current provider.


Waterfront Vistas in the US

Water: The elixir of life!!!

One of the most fascinating things to me is the ecosystem of large water bodies. The numerous life forms that are supported by lakes, rivers, dams, and of course the mighty oceans attract me like iron to a magnet. I could spend endless hours just looking at fish swimming around in a pond. Just looking at the vast azure expanses of water soothes my soul.
Of course I love to take a dip wherever possible... When I was in Bangalore, India weekends I'd head out to Manchinbelle dam, Kanva dam or YG Gudda dam and take a refreshing dip. Here in the US that is one thing which is possible only for the rich. All the dams and public water bodies are fenced up and the water front lands have been sold to private entrepreneurs who charge an arm and a leg to enter and access the water. The only ocean front I have visited is California where waters are so cold that it is impossible to get in without a wet suit. So here I content myself by taking pictures of lakes, rivers, dams etc... Here are some of my favorite water fronts in the US.

Lake Travis, Austin, Tx

Grapevine Reservoir, Texas

A large dam on the highway which links San Jose with Los Angeles

The Ocean at Santa Cruz

Monday, October 12, 2009

Attn. Canadian Residents! Here is your chance to win a $32,000 Kitchen Makeover

How would you like to have a complete kitchen makeover for the oncoming holiday season? Well you can get a $32,000 Dream Kitchen, if you are a Canadian Resident and wish to participate in the Dream Kitchen Contest. Other prizes include Frigidaire refrigerators and a chance to get upto $500.00 off your next purchase from Frigidaire. Now that is what I would call a completely "win-win situation". Even if you don't win the $32,000 Dream Kitchen you still get a $500 rebate for nothing.

Let me tell you more about the contest, the phenomenal website I visited and all other details. The Maple Leaf website is the ultimate place for all kitchen stuff, there are lip smacking meats, mouth watering cold cuts and deli meats, and a great frozen selection. There are separate sections for bakery, pasta maker, meat, meals made easy.

I am not a great cooking enthusiast so I made a beeline for the meals made easy section and guess what I found! There are notes and tips which will help people like me to rustle up a great meal within no time at all. That is not all you could even create a custom shopping list for the meal you want to cook. This will save your time and your family will love the food.

Don't forget all you need to do is go to Maple Leaf website and register for the contest. Who knows! you may be the winner of $32,000 kitchen makeover!!!

Remember this contest is open only to Canadian residents!!!


Insurance Company Refuses to cover heavy baby!!!

Healthcare and insurance are two industries which pretty much control the lives of 300 million Americans. There are people who are perfectly happy with the present situation and would gladly oppose President Obama's Healthcare reforms. But then as I read newsreports from across the country I am more than convinced that these two industries have bled the nation enough, there needs to be a major revamp... not just a reform to set these greedy capitalists right.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Electric scooters From BSA

Several decades ago when BSA was still Birmingham Small Arms Limited based in UK, the company produced fantastic motorcycles ranging from 125 cc to 500 cc. Bikes like the Gold Star and B-31 reigned supreme in race tracks across the world.
Then the company went into a retrograde motion and limited itself to produce only bicycles. Now it seems like they are taking baby steps back towards its original products. This news item BSA Motors launches e-scooters in New Delhi sparked off my reverie about the past. It is good that at least the present BSA has decided to take steps towards Eco-friendly transportation. Hope it picks up momentum soon.