Thursday, January 07, 2010

Cold Wave Hits DFW

Today has been by far the coldest day in Dallas since I moved here two years ago. The precipitation was so high that there was black ice all over the roadways which resulted in couple of accidents. Our college closed for the day so as all the schools and few offices. Driving was supposed to be a pain in the metroplex... I was wondering how it would be in far northern parts of the US where it snows for 6 months and there is freezing temperatures.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Longest Car Jump on New Year Eve

I received a link to this video as an e-mail forward. This video shows the amazing dare devil car driver Travis Pastrana jumping 269 ft in his car to make a new world record on New Year eve. An amazing feat indeed, something that needs courage, confindence and of course a fantastic car... and youtube to make it popular in the internet.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Letter to Bill Gates - totally hilarious

I received this Banta Singh joke as an e-mail forward and thought I'd post it here. This is completely hilarious and only a totally innocent and naive individual can think so much out of the box. The writer of the joke displays a child-like innocence in this letter to Bill Gates.

Dear Mr. Bill Gates,

We have bought a computer for our home and we have found some problems, which I want to bring to your notice.

1. There is a button 'Start' but there is no 'Stop' button. We request you to check this.

2. One doubt is whether any 'Re-scooter' is available in system? I find only 'Re-cycle', but I own a scooter at my home.

3. There is 'Find' button but it is not working properly. My wife lost the door key and we tried a lot trace the key with this 'find' button, but was unable to trace. Please rectify this problem.

4. My child learned 'Microsoft Word' now he wants to learn 'Microsoft sentence', so when you will provide that?

5. I bought computer, CPU, mouse and keyboard, but there is only one icon which shows 'My Computer': when you will provide the remaining items?

6.. It is surprising that windows says 'MY Pictures' but there is not even a single photo of mine. So when will you keep my photo in that.

7. There is 'MICROSOFT OFFICE' what about 'MICROSOFT HOME' since I use the PC at home only.

8. You provided 'My Recent Documents'. When you will provide 'My Past Documents'?

9. You provide 'My Network Places'. For God sake please do not provide 'My Secret Places'. I do not want to let my wife know where I go after my office hours.


Last one to Mr. Bill Gates: Sir, how is it that your name is GATES but you are selling WINDOWS?

Protect your iPhone, iPod and BlackBerry devices

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Pexagon Technology. All opinions are 100% mine.

I just read online that in the last quarter alone over 8 million iPhones were sold. I am pretty sure an equal number of iPods and BlackBerry devices were also bought by enthusiastic youngsters and geeks. Well these devices are by no means cheap or sturdy, these are delicate darlings in electronics.

Iphone-plastic-az After investing 100s of $s I wouldn't want my iPhone to fall and get damaged. But most protective cases/ boxes are bulky and take away the style quotient that surrounds the device. This was the case until recently and iPhone enthusiasts were risking their devices by handling them without protective cases.

The New Year comes with new innovative products, the first of them being personalized Apple & BlackBerry cases. These cases cost a mere $5 and protect your investment with style. The new cases are available in multiple colors and the manufacturers are offering FREE personalization and it gets even better, the shipping and handling is also FREE.

For a small sum of $5 you can get a personalized case for your iPhone 3G or for a BlackBerry Curve 8300, shipped free to your home. These cases are made out of resilient silicone rubber or plastic for apple while the BlackBerry cases are made of silicone. The rear end of the case will be have your name/ text/ logo engraved. The best part of the deal is that there are no minimum order requirements, you can order only one for yourself and it will cost you only $5 for the case, personalization and shipping.

Currently cases are available for the following BlackBerry® devices Curve™ 8300 and 8900; Bold™ 9000 and Tour™ 9630. Cases for iPhone 3G/3Gs
and iPod touch 2G are available. This product promises to become the hottest accessory of 2010.

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