Thursday, November 03, 2011

Work is Worship - A Peom

Work is worship

They say "Work is worship"
So give it your best
But when office is like a "War Ship"
Full of oppression and harassment
It is tough even for the best
to endure the trauma for long
It would probably be best
If "work" was separate from "worship"
Then everyone would be
happy and give their best shot
Both at work and at life...

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Karnataka Rajyothsava

The Gandaberunda emblem in the Mysore Palace. ...Image via Wikipedia

November 1 is the day when my home state of Karnataka was born, i.e. formed by amalgamating all the Kannada speaking regions of India. Today I am in Dallas, Texas, United States and pretty much not in touch with the language of Karnataka. Back home in Bengaluru there will be official and unofficial celebrations galore but in the US it is hard to get to know of these events and harder to attend one. For myself I have tried to remember the language by watching a Kannada movie on Youtube.

Wishing all Kannadigas worldwide a very very Happy Karnataka Rajyotsava 2011.

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