Sunday, November 17, 2013

Psychology of Hoarding

I was reading an interesting article online on Slate and came across this quote about hoarding:


"People who hoard are often, intelligent, creative, and endlessly curious," Randy O. Frost, a leading researcher on hoarding.

I decided to post it on the blog because I wonder if it applied to politicians who hoard money and power. I talk about Indian politiicans because those are the ones I know better than any other nation's politicians. Coming to the point, politicians and business people in India excel at hoarding money. These people are probably best hoarders in the whole world. They are intelligent, no doubt, creative, no doubt... but when it comes to "endlessly curious" I start doubting.
I would also add couple of adjective qualifiers to these words so the people may be better described. For instance, politicians and business people in India are "wickedly intelligent" because they work only to make profit for themselves. Most business people I know are willing to work hard to make money but they toil harder to ensure that others don't make nearly as much. Same goes for politicians, they are willing work much harder to keep their positions than fulfil the promises made to voters.