Monday, December 13, 2010

Smelly Problems :)

This afternoon I was listening to the radio and on PRI (Public Radio International) I heard this story about Brussels' subway. As I heard the story I smiled and remembered the days when I was traveling in North India with my NRI friend. I had never left India at that point in time so I was not used to the so called "better quality of life" that is accessible in first world or developed nations. My friend, (if he reads he will understand, others need not know his name) continuously complained about the pungent odor of human excreta while walking around narrow lanes of Delhi's famous Connaught place aka Indira Chowk aka Indira Chowk. All the time we were in Delhi (about 24 hrs) he glorified London, and Singapore and said that there was no foul smells in and around roads, railway stations were clean and odor free and et al. At that point in time I just agreed because I had not stepped out of India and there was indeed an overpowering odor in some places we walked around.

This afternoon I listened to this program titled "A smelly problem in Brussels' subway" I remembered my dear friend's complaints about India and lack of civic sense of our people. Well it seems like even westerner's of first world nations are no better. The video below accompanied the article online and it gives a sense of the problem faced by the establishment in Brussels.