Saturday, February 13, 2010

Match-making based on your disease

I read this news article online and was pretty surprised at the way in which the human brain works. Apparently this dating website is aimed at hooking up people with same diseases. Hitherto dating sites attempted to match people based on their preferences, astrology, likes and dislikes, activities, etc. I guess this is the first time a site has been floated to specifically match people based on their ailments.
Interesting indeed, when your partner gets sick with a disease divorce him/ her so they can find someone with the same disease.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shocking News: Parents Imprison Teen girl in bathroom

Every once in a while I come across strange and often shocking news, which illustrate the worse-than-beastly character of human beings. According to an article I read a 14-yr-old girl was imprisoned in the bathroom of a residence by her father and step-mother because she had allegedly stolen some food and cheated on a home school test. Locking her up, beating her with metal rods and making her exercise was the punishment. This has been going on for the past two months.

Come on guys she is 14 and as all teens are I guess she has a robust appetite. She must have eaten some food from the refrigerator between meals. Why home school her when there are wonderful schools in the US. For god's sake, you are not living in some underdeveloped sub-Saharan African nation. This guy is living in US of A, the world's richest nation. Same goes for food. Food wasted in the US can feed 27 small nations in the world. So there is absolutely no food scarcity.

I think this man is simply sick.. mentally ill. He and his wife should be safely locked up and the girl should be adopted by someone who really cares for her well being. But in this country where lawyers are more powerful than justice, will this happen?

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Basic Travel Conveniences get a price tag!!!

I have seldom traveled in air. The longest air journey I have undertaken thus far in my life was when I came from my home country. Since then I have flown three times within the US, once each to California, New Jersey, and Detroit. Every time I flew I was offered a courtesy blanket and pillow to relax in the pretty basic economy seats. Today I read on MSN that one of the leading airlines in the US, American is going to charge a fee of $8 for this basic necessity.

Luckily this is only applicable for domestic flights. International travelers, specially my compatriots who have to endure the 14-18 hour flight will get these basic necessities without having to pay more. This is apparently an "economic decision"... of course to make more money at the passengers expense. In the recent decade more airlines have come into the market and hence large airlines like American had to drop prices. I don't know whether this price drop is hurting American or not, but I definitely understand that the financial guys are smart. They know how to make money on the sly and they will do it.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Fighting to Save the Whales

Most wildlife on Earth have become endangered species thanks to human greed. Most of these animals are consumed as food, medicine, clothes, etc in various countries. One such mammalian species that has been attracting attention is the Whale. In countries like Japan the whale is consumed as food and its oil is used in numerous applications.

There are several environmental groups that are fighting to prevent commercial whaling by Japanese ships. Recently there was a mid-sea collision of a Whaler and an activist ship off the coast of Antarctica. This is the second clash that is taking place this year. The whaler ships are quite ruthless in their operations, they just crash into opposing boats and try to sink them.

The activists on the other hand are quite dedicated and are willing to fight for their cause - saving the whales from being hunted. These people are mostly volunteers who are out there on the high seas with nothing to gain. I wonder when the human race will become responsible consumers of earth's resources.