Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shocking News: Parents Imprison Teen girl in bathroom

Every once in a while I come across strange and often shocking news, which illustrate the worse-than-beastly character of human beings. According to an article I read a 14-yr-old girl was imprisoned in the bathroom of a residence by her father and step-mother because she had allegedly stolen some food and cheated on a home school test. Locking her up, beating her with metal rods and making her exercise was the punishment. This has been going on for the past two months.

Come on guys she is 14 and as all teens are I guess she has a robust appetite. She must have eaten some food from the refrigerator between meals. Why home school her when there are wonderful schools in the US. For god's sake, you are not living in some underdeveloped sub-Saharan African nation. This guy is living in US of A, the world's richest nation. Same goes for food. Food wasted in the US can feed 27 small nations in the world. So there is absolutely no food scarcity.

I think this man is simply sick.. mentally ill. He and his wife should be safely locked up and the girl should be adopted by someone who really cares for her well being. But in this country where lawyers are more powerful than justice, will this happen?

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