Sunday, February 07, 2010

Fighting to Save the Whales

Most wildlife on Earth have become endangered species thanks to human greed. Most of these animals are consumed as food, medicine, clothes, etc in various countries. One such mammalian species that has been attracting attention is the Whale. In countries like Japan the whale is consumed as food and its oil is used in numerous applications.

There are several environmental groups that are fighting to prevent commercial whaling by Japanese ships. Recently there was a mid-sea collision of a Whaler and an activist ship off the coast of Antarctica. This is the second clash that is taking place this year. The whaler ships are quite ruthless in their operations, they just crash into opposing boats and try to sink them.

The activists on the other hand are quite dedicated and are willing to fight for their cause - saving the whales from being hunted. These people are mostly volunteers who are out there on the high seas with nothing to gain. I wonder when the human race will become responsible consumers of earth's resources.

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