Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How to create a Caller ID Spoof

Technology brings with it several advantages but sometimes the same advanced gadgetry can prove to be the bane of our lives. Take for example the telephone caller ID, it is such a useful feature, that enables you to know who is calling well before you pick up the receiver and say hello. But people have learnt how to use this feature to avoid certain callers, debtors, pesky sales people etc. Another big trouble with caller ID in my opinion is that I can't make an anonymous call to my wife and play a prank on her.

But now I found this wonderful website which offers Free Spoofing services. You can now call someone from your phone and not let the person on the other end know your number. This is possible in just three easy and simple steps. Right now this service is available only in the US but I am sure this will soon become global and people will start using this quite a bit. And once this becomes very common they will invent something that spoof the spoofer, but till then go ahead and enjoy the caller ID spoofer.

My American Travel Pictures

Since arriving at the US in October 2007, I have visited nine out of 50 states of this continent-sized nation. I have been to California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New York and New Jersey. Though I have carried my camera to most of the places I have visited I haven't had the good fortune of getting great pictures. I post pictures on this blog from time to time whenever I shoot good pictures. Here are some I think are good... would appreciate your opinions on them....

Painted Desert National Park, Arizona

River Paluxy, Glen Rose, Texas

Grand Canyon, Arizona

How to find best Web Hosting Services!!!

One of the common problems of every business relates to webhosting. Finding a reliable webhosting provider to host company's website is quite a challenge. The proliferation of internet has made so many choices available that it is very difficult to ascertain who provides the most reliable webhosting service.

But there is hope in the form of a new website which provides user reviews of hosting service providers. The main aim of this web portal is to provide unbiased and independent reviews of web hosting providers. At this portal we can find cheap professional web hosting services, some of it under $10 a month. Everyone is allowed to post a review of the website service provider they are using or have used in the past. These reviews will help others who are on the lookout for service providers.

My favourite section of this website, however, is the Informative Blog. The blog features comphrensive articles about latest internet technologies. For example the post on "What a Web Server is and how it works" was a very educative piece. This enabled me to learn about what all happens at the backend of our websites.

This website is a one-stop-shop for all kinds of website related information and services. It will clarify all your doubts and clear confusions related to webhosting and internet.

Justin, Texas - An American Village

Yesterday we had to travel to a small town known as Justin, about 35 miles from Carrollton, Tx. When I first heard the name Justin, my mind immediately went back to Bangalore, India where our office assistant was named Justin. So I wondered what kind of a city this was named Justin... Nevertheless we drove down the highway to reach the rickety town of Justin dominated by horse and cattle ranches.

According to the city website, this area was originally settled by a band of French colonists who in 1848 established the Icarian Colony. The community was abandoned a year later, and the area remained sparsely populated until the early 1880's. The formation of the city started in 1883, when one Chet Helm and Riley started selling town lots. At that time there was no name to this settlement/ community. A year later an enterprising individual opened a general store and four years later, the Santa Fe extended its rail line from Fort Worth to Purcell, Oklahoma. The tracks were laid contiguous to this yet unnamed community.

In January 1887, the 100-strong community petitioned postal authorities for a post office to be named Justin, in honor of Justin Sherman, chief engineer of the Santa Fe rail line. Since then the population of the city has not grown much, today Justin is still a small city of about 3,000 people. It looks like any small town in India, for example Tumkur, Ramnagar but only the infrastructure is a shade better. There are quite a few leisure facilities such a tennis court, athletic track and of course a large Church.

Of course the biggest difference is perhaps the basic civic infrastructure, smooth roads (though narrow), good drainage system and clean drinking water piped to every home. If these things could be achieved in India we would not be far behind the rest of the First-World nations. What needs to be done to achieve this is hard working people and corruption free establishment.

City Park, Justin

Trading Post (Antique Store), Justin

Water Supply location for Justin city

Any city in US must have a church....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Superbrain YOGA

Watch the video below and learn the amazing technique to improve your cranial capacity. But well I am pretty certain 95 % of Indians would already be aware of this exercise... not as Superbrain Yoga but as a punishment or as a prayer to Lord Ganesh (God of knowledge and wisdom).

When I saw western researchers, doctors and teachers using this technique to enhance brain capacity of their students/ patients, I went back in time when I was in school and my teachers used the same method to punish dull students. But I guess the teachers themselves were unaware that this type of activity is actually brain stimulant and has been carefully camouflaged as a punishment and handed down over several generations. The same goes with repeating the procedure as obeisance for Lord Ganesh with a prayer for enhancing our knowledge... it actually enhances our brain power.
Well now once this research (by westerners of course) becomes popular and accepted across the world, people who look down condescendingly upon Indian (particularly Hindu) religious practices will have a better understanding, I hope.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Efficient Property Management

Owning a piece of real estate or some kind of property gives one a sense of achievement and financial security. At the same time property ownership comes with its own share of work: managing, renting, rent collection, background checking of renters, eviction, maintenance, etc. Do these tasks sound daunting? Well, if they do, don't let them prevent you from investing in property. There are numerous Real Property Management companies which help home owners like you.

Columbus Real Property Management handles properties all over Ohio. They received the "2008 Franchise of the year honorable mention" award for their great work last year. Columbus helps home owners, especially of single family homes, by taking over the full management of the property. They will do all the hard work: advertising, showings, leasing, rent collection, and evctions if needed. All you need to do is to sit back and relax.