Monday, January 17, 2011

Back to School.....

Image Courtesy Dandelion Blu

New year brings with it lots of new things.... including a brand new semester of academic drudgery... but I kinda enjoy it and the above cartoon is definitely not a representation of me. It would be if I get frustrated and can't achieve the academic goals I have set out to achieve. Right now my situation is more like the graphic below.

Image Courtesy Maconaquah Middle School Guidance Department

Struggling with information overload and trying to juggle school, job, life, and lots and lots of books. When this happens often times something often keeps falling off if you are not an expert juggler, which I am definitely not, so when things fall down I have to stop and pick up from where I stopped at. It is going to be a challenging semester and I sure hope I can get through with the grades I wish and keep my job, life and sanity intact.

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