Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Amazing Biker Video

Man on a Bike Performs Stunts While Being Lit on Fire. - Click here for more free videos

Is India entering the era of "Free Love"?

The 1960s aka Hippie era saw the spawning of a subculture in the American continent. The era was characterised by youth rebelling against their original conservative cultures and seeked freedom to enjoy music, dancing, drugs, sex, creative expression and even politics. At that time India was still a very young nation and with an economy crawling like an insect dignified survival was the main priority of the majority.

But now 4-5 decades later India is booming... or should I say "Shining"... Never in the recent history of the nation did youth ever have so much money, freedom and access to technology. Colleges are full of young, enthusiastic and vibrant students. Modern offices of technology companies are brimming with energy of the same youth who have passed out of colleges and are striving to achieve wealth and fame.

The youth of India are rich, reckless, and rebellious. Hence they are trying to do and almost succeeding at things which their parents would not even have dreamt about.

I read this news report titled Kissing in public by married couple not obscene: HC in the Times of India. It is interesting to see the number of youth resorting to public displays of affection unabashedly. This displays courage, freedom, rebellion and of course making a statement that we are no less than anybody anywhere in the world.

Few years ago Moscow banned kissing in metro stations and the ban extended even to married couples. Today the Delhi high court gave a free rein to married couples in the matters of public display of affection. Married couples are allowed to kiss, caress and show their affection in public places without the fear of breaking the law. It is only a matter of time before this will be extended to un-married couples too. I am pretty sure some smart lawyer will make it happen soon.

And then what happens... India will enter the era of "Free Love". I would like to know what everyone feels about this topic. Should India allow this free display of affection or not???

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Royal Enfield V-Twin

I received this video as an e-mail forward from one of the groups I am a member of. This guy in UK had a dream of building a 700 cc V-Twin motorcycle using two Royal Enfield Bullet engines. He is one of those characters who is not just a dreamer and decided to do it, and the result is this fully functional V-Twin motorcycle engine. Sounds great and I am sure runs smoothly too. I wish Enfield guys will take note of this biker's innovation and try to produce it commercially in India so that Bullet enthusiasts will have something more than the 350 and 500 cc bikes to ride and rave about.

Freezing cold creates ice everywhere

Temperatures really dropped to sub-zero levels for a few days during last week and I was walking around wearing 3-4 layers of warm clothes. One morning I came out of the house to find my car caked completely in ice and had to wait for about half an hour after switching the car heater for the ice to melt and then start off my day. The same evening as we sauntered out to get some fresh cold air, I thought I'd capture some images of the ice and here they are for your reference. Ice is on the plants, trees, bushes, homes, roofs, cars and on the floor. The most dangerous part of all this is if you are not careful you will most definitely slip and fall and break your bones.