Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cockroaches traumatise passengers on US flight

How would you like to be 30,000 ft above the ground, confined inside a box, with cockroaches for company? That is what happened to an American couple who traveled in the budget airline AirTran recently. Like all good consumers they promptly reported to the flight crew, who didn't take enough action to rid the plane of the arthropods. So like all good Americans they took pictures of the cockroaches and once they were safely on the ground they found an attorney and sued the airline for $100,000 damages for mental distress, negligence and failure to provide a pestfree environment.

I wonder how much this calim will be settled for. I have heard of millions of dollars claims being settled for a few hundred dollars. We will see what happens to this couple. Meanwhile I am sure Airtran cleaned up their act and of course their planes and perhaps a few cabin crew are back in the job market.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Catholic Church To Buy Famed Crystal Cathedral in California

Catholic Church To Buy Famed Crystal Cathedral

"Everything in this world is for sale, given the right price" goes the often heard saying. The truth of this saying can't be more appropriate anywhere else in the world but in the United States of America. In this capitalist economy if you aint making money and paying your bills and taxes you will be forced to declare bankruptacy and your property will be sold.

That is what happened to the congregation of the Famous Crystal Cathedral of California. I heard this newscast on the radio as I drove to work this evening and boy am I surprised. In a country which prides itself in saying "In God We Trust" and where millions of dollars poured in for a fake pastor who claimed that the world was going to end I wonder why nobody is opening up their purse strings to save this cathedral.

The congregation members of this church are outraged, the pastor says that the church is not a building... but isn't it true that when a place is sanctified by the pious prayers and good vibrations over several years the place becomes truly divine. Since this cathedral is being taken over by another caste (order as it is referred to here), I guess it is ok.

Business Takes Precedence Over Holiday Traditions!!!

Since the inception of the holiday tradition Thanks Giving has always been a time for families to get together and offer prayers to the Lord. Ever since I moved to the US I have noticed that people travel hundreds and sometimes even thousands of miles just to spend quality time with their families. Of course businesses have always used this holiday to sell more and there are discounts galore year after year. All the sales have always happened on the day after Thanks Giving, popularly known as Black Friday. Shoppers would get together with their families on Thanksgiving day, enjoy the Turkey dinner and prayers. Then on Friday early morning as early as 5 am head out to stores to shop. This has been the normal tradition in America till 2010.
This year is going to be different. Retailers have decided to open up their stores for black friday shopping on thursday itself. They are trying to entice shoppers to step outside their homes after dinner on Thanksgiving night and shop. This decision of the business owners and CEOs to open up stores on Thursday itself has angered both shoppers and store employees. Businesses seem to only be interested in money and nothing more, they don't care two hoots for tradition.
Hitherto I had believed that it was only the liberals, leftist and communists who didn't care for religion, tradition and heritage, but now it is becoming apparent that even hard core capitalist, right-wing conservative, businessmen also don't. I wonder if this is the way forward for the world or not.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

380-Green Belt Park, Denton

I have to commute about 55 minutes one way to work everyday. It is a long and boring drive during which I just put the car on cruise control and let it run at 60-70 mph depending on where I am on the road. There are couple of places which do offer some relief from the otherwise boring scenery. The first place is where Lewisville Lake intersects the highway and the second is where the 380-Green Belt is located. Wide, long bridges have been built at both the places so that only those who are really interested in getting into either area will pull over and the rest will just drive on. I stop by sometimes at the 380-Green Belt Park to spend a few minutes amidst old trees and nature.

If you are wondering what 380 stands for, it is the highway that I travel on and on which the park is located. It is also known as the University drive because the Texas Woman's University is located on this thoroughfare in the city of Denton. Of course this park is part of the Texas State Park System and as such it requires entry fees, which I don't have to pay because I bought a State Park Pass way back in May 2011. I am glad I did, now I can get into any state park by just waving my card and not bother about having to pay entry fees.

What I like about this green belt area is that the trees here are really old and tall. The place does look like a true green belt, unlike some others I have been to which looks more like a manicured golf course with grass all over and not a single tree. Here there are several thousand trees, and I'd not be surprised if I were to sight any wildlife. Here are some pictures for you to know what the park looks like.

Zenni - Offering affordable eyeglasses to all

America is the land of early adopters. Everything new is launched first here and people love change and things that make their lives better. Computers, vehicles, clothing, household items, appliances, etc are frequently changed not because the old ones are broken, but people want newer and better ones. The same applies to fashion accessories such as eye glasses - prescription or otherwise. People feel the need to change eyeglasses to match the trends or sometimes to get better quality frames, or because their prescription changed.

Eyeglasses can be expensive, specially when it is bought in a fancy store in the mall. In these days of economic hardship everyone can't afford to buy eyeglasses at these fancy stores. Identifying this need of the people Zenni came up with an innovative solution. They have merged technology with business acumen and are offering cost effective eyeglasses via the internet. Zenni uses the most modern materials, state-of-the-art manufacturing and marketing systems and offer their products direct to the customer. There are no middlemen to add margins to the price. The entire transaction takes place between the manufacturer and the consumer.

The result, an immensely happy customer base, and a nation of healthy-eyed, fashionable people. If you are looking for eyeglasses be it prescription or a fashion accessory or a protective aid then just visit Zenni's website and you will see their wide array of frames, and glasses at very affordable prices. Once a customer of Zenni, you will be their customer for ever.