Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cockroaches traumatise passengers on US flight

How would you like to be 30,000 ft above the ground, confined inside a box, with cockroaches for company? That is what happened to an American couple who traveled in the budget airline AirTran recently. Like all good consumers they promptly reported to the flight crew, who didn't take enough action to rid the plane of the arthropods. So like all good Americans they took pictures of the cockroaches and once they were safely on the ground they found an attorney and sued the airline for $100,000 damages for mental distress, negligence and failure to provide a pestfree environment.

I wonder how much this calim will be settled for. I have heard of millions of dollars claims being settled for a few hundred dollars. We will see what happens to this couple. Meanwhile I am sure Airtran cleaned up their act and of course their planes and perhaps a few cabin crew are back in the job market.

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