Friday, November 18, 2011

Catholic Church To Buy Famed Crystal Cathedral in California

Catholic Church To Buy Famed Crystal Cathedral

"Everything in this world is for sale, given the right price" goes the often heard saying. The truth of this saying can't be more appropriate anywhere else in the world but in the United States of America. In this capitalist economy if you aint making money and paying your bills and taxes you will be forced to declare bankruptacy and your property will be sold.

That is what happened to the congregation of the Famous Crystal Cathedral of California. I heard this newscast on the radio as I drove to work this evening and boy am I surprised. In a country which prides itself in saying "In God We Trust" and where millions of dollars poured in for a fake pastor who claimed that the world was going to end I wonder why nobody is opening up their purse strings to save this cathedral.

The congregation members of this church are outraged, the pastor says that the church is not a building... but isn't it true that when a place is sanctified by the pious prayers and good vibrations over several years the place becomes truly divine. Since this cathedral is being taken over by another caste (order as it is referred to here), I guess it is ok.

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