Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It is Back to School Time

School started yesterday and I am back feeling like being hit by an express train. It will take a few days, maybe couple of weeks to get used to the new rigor, but I will get there....

Right now I feel like this :)

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Sankranti Comes every year

A street in Puducherry, India, decorated for P...
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Sankranti or Pongal popularly known as the harvest festival in India has come and gone. It was probably celebrated with pomp and show in parts of India. I have no idea what happened, in fact I almost forgot the festival, I was at work. Here in America unless you are closely connected to the Indian Hindu community it is very easy to miss our festivals and cultural events. I am one of those non-temple Hindus and I am not connected to any Hindu community or group hence I miss most of the festivals.

I truly miss the festivals that I reluctantly celebrated in India. Now having gone without celebrating most festivals for the past 4 years, I wish I had gotten involved more seriously when I was in India. I wonder if the time will ever come again when I will be actually celebrating all the festivals in my life.... only time can answer this question.
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