Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Highways in Texas

This is the picture of the Central Expressway in Texas, US. I took this picture while walking under the bridge in one of the rarely seen foot paths. I guess this trail exists because it is part of a walking/ bicycling trail system in McKinney Texas, my new home city. It is interesting to notice the amount of space that is left open in this country. If there was this much space in India I am pretty sure there would be either a few families living here or couple of small stores operating a thriving business selling pan, cigarettes and odds and ends.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Happy Ugadi - Happy New Year!

Wish you all a Happy New Year!.

This new year festival is relevant to me, as I am a Hindu. Moreover this festival has been celebrated as New Year day since the past several thousand years. This day is indeed auspicious and relevant. Back in India we would receive neem flowers and jaggery (brown sugar) from our parents and family symbolizing that the forth coming year will bring both bitter and sweet things for our life and we will accept both equally.

Being in America all these days, festivals and traditions have almost become forgotten and irrelevant. I wonder if all Hindus in America feel the same way????

India Wins the Cricket World Cup 2011

After several years of anticipation, and heart breaks the Indian cricket team has finally put in a great performance and won the ultimate trophy.

I am not a cricket aficionado, but most people from and in India are cricket fans... no cricket lovers... no cricket devotees. These people would skip work, school, or other important events in life to watch a game on the idiot box (TV). The fact that our team was perpetually disappointing its fans, particularly the Indian people who give them so much love, adoration and respect is what I never liked.

Finally the day has arrived when Indian team has made the Indian people happy... jubilant... overjoyed. I hope their winning spree continues for another series.