Saturday, January 22, 2011

Poverty Simulation...

A large majority of Post World War II generation of Americans don't know what poverty means and how it feels to live poor. Most people here in the US are used to living well, driving a car, eating out 2-3 times a week. Until recently there was a perception that money in America will never become scarce. But the past few years economic downturn and the resultant recession has brought to focus that America can also become poor and there is a need for people to be aware of what poverty is.

So where do we start educating American people about poverty? In college campuses of course and Collin College is conducting a Poverty Simulation event next week during which groups of participants will live through four 15-minute week's of simulated poverty and experience what it means to navigate through economic adversity.

According to the website of The Poverty Simulation: "The Poverty Simulation is a simulation experience developed by the Missouri Association for Community Action. During the simulation, participants pretend to be members of a low-income community attempting to survive four 15-minute weeks of poverty. The simulation relies on role playing techniques and extensive props to help particpants understand the day to day challenges faced by families living in poverty."

I wish I could attend this program but my class schedule conflicts with this and hence I can't attend this event. I am pretty sure this would be a great event for Americans to participate and learn about how to live minimally... if not in poverty. After all American Poverty is still affluent compared with poverty in Africa, China, or even India.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Finding the best webhosting company!!!

Having a website is vital for the survival, growth, and prosperity of any business; large or small. People are increasingly going online to buy products, search for restaurants, get directions, find soul mates, friends, etc. With the proliferation of internet use on mobile phones the relevance of websites is more now than ever.

Having a website is not enough, one has to ensure that the hosting service provider is reliable and offers adequate bandwidth. With so many web hosting companies in the market it becomes difficult to find which one is best suited for our needs.

One way to find out if a hosting company is reliable or not is to check with people who have used their services. How is that possible? One way is to visit sites that offer webhostinghub ratings, reviews from customers and companies that have used their services.

The ratings on this website are compiled from worldwide reports, this is the largest independent web hosting rating company and is driven by a quest for quality and to provide honest and unbiased ratings. Moreover since ratings and reviews are written by direct customers there is no way of the site owners influencing the decisions.

I would simply say that if you are a small business owner and wish to host your own website, you should first read ratings of your hosting service provider and then sign the dotted line.

Cars... Cars... and more Cars...

I had been to a automobile junkyard sometime ago and here are some of the images I captured at that time. I shot these pictures because they offer a satirical view of life.... How everything changes and becomes a heap of junk ultimately.

Nobody to buy or sell ice creams.....

Oil change!!! Looks like this vehicle needs lot more than just oil change

Christian school bus awaiting students... or God's grace for deliverance?

Easy Weight Loss with HCG Diet

Everyone, everywhere in the world wants to look beautiful and attractive. Different cultures have different perceptions of beauty. In the United States the perception of beauty depends on how skinny, slim, or lean one is. This is particularly pronounced when it comes to women.

There are numerous diet plans that promise weight loss, but none come anywhere near to the radical treatment that a HCG diet offers. By following the HCG diet one can lose 20-30 lbs within 30-40 days. This is perhaps one of the fastest non-surgical weight loss programs.

When I first heard about the HCG diet I was skeptical and even thought it was unhealthy. But after reading the various scientific facts, case studies and testimonials I think it is definitely worth learning more about. If that is the solution one is comfortable with it is worth trying.

Suing as a way of life in the US....

A year ago I had to take a sociology class and the opening statement of the professor was "We are a very litigant society." It is true, America is of the world's largest litigant societies. People and corporations sue each other at the drop of the hat. It is not a big wonder that Attorney's/ Lawyers make a lot of money in this country.

This afternoon while after checking my e-mail I saw a screaming headline on talking about some women who fell into the icy waters of a Mall fountain as she rushed in busy texting on her mobile phone. Apparently the woman had been so preoccupied with her mobile phone that she failed to notice that she was walking into a fountain. The security cameras captured the video and it went viral thanks to someone who posted it on youtube. The lady became an overnight sensation across the country.

She grabbed the opportunity with both hands and went on air on CNN and other popular media claiming that she would sue the mall authorities. Well the latest on that is that she has her own set of legal issues.

Anyway the point I wanted to make was that, this woman was foolish enough to get so engrossed on the phone and fall into the fountain. After making a fool of herself, she is now trying make money out of it by suing the mall. That is why I get the impression that suing is a way of life in the US.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

HCG Diets promise to help you achieve weight loss goals!!!

There are a set of national cultural values in the US. One of the predominant value is to be young and beautiful throughout life. To be healthy, young and beautiful the prerequisite is to be skinny and light. This is easier said than done. With so much of junk food being consumed it is very difficult for people to be thin. There are thousands of companies selling dietary supplements and slimming foods that it gets confusing.

In this cacophony of advertising there is a small revolution taking place: HCG Diet is slowly but surely capturing the market of healthy eating. This comprises of healthy eating of very low calorie diet, supplemented by HCG hormone treatments. The program promises 20-30 lbs loss over a period of 30-40 days.

For several people this diet could come as a lifesaver and for others face saver. Whatever it is the ultimate result seems to be a more youthful looking personality.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Back to School.....

Image Courtesy Dandelion Blu

New year brings with it lots of new things.... including a brand new semester of academic drudgery... but I kinda enjoy it and the above cartoon is definitely not a representation of me. It would be if I get frustrated and can't achieve the academic goals I have set out to achieve. Right now my situation is more like the graphic below.

Image Courtesy Maconaquah Middle School Guidance Department

Struggling with information overload and trying to juggle school, job, life, and lots and lots of books. When this happens often times something often keeps falling off if you are not an expert juggler, which I am definitely not, so when things fall down I have to stop and pick up from where I stopped at. It is going to be a challenging semester and I sure hope I can get through with the grades I wish and keep my job, life and sanity intact.