Saturday, May 01, 2010

Vistas of Lost Lake and Surroundings

Continuing my report on the short but eventful visit to Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, India-homa, I would simply say that our hike turned into a mini adventure after I coaxed everyone into climbing down the rock face into the depths of the valley rather than follow the trail that snaked around the hills to form a natural slope. Once down at the water level we crossed the shallow stream via a trail of rocky outcrops and started retracing our steps around the lost lake.

Here are some pictures:

View of the waterfalls from the base of the hill

The world is full of insensitive people who will litter even the most pristine natural spots.....

Sweeping view of the valley and rock face we just descended

Tooth Fairy..... somewhat entertaining...

For lack of nothing else to do on Friday evening we decided to go to a movie at the dollar theater in Plano. The intent was to watch a Jackie Chan movie, but there was none playing at a night show. So we decided to watch The Tooth Fairy instead. This is a fairly entertaining kids movie... apart from a few minutes of fantastic ice skating and a some comedy frames there is nothing much worth watching in this movie.

The story traces the life of an aging ice hockey star who is named the tooth fairy because he knocks out teeth of his opponents. His girlfriend has two kids, the daughter just loses one of her teeth and the mother tells the story of tooth fairy. The protagonist tries to tell her the truth in a rude manner to the chagrin of the mother. The son doesn't like this guy because he is rude, and sarcastic.

The story moves on to fairyland when the player gets called to do some community service and then after some seriously boring drama and some funny scenes the movie ends with a soulful transformation of the protagonist. I definitely wouldn't pay the regular theater ticket to watch this movie....

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Views of Lost Lake and around!!!

We hiked for couple of hours in the lost lake area of the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. The terrain reminded me of the rolling rocky hills that I was so familiar with in India. This is the first time since arriving in Dallas that I am coming across such terrain. The lost lake is indeed a dam built in a small valley between two tall rocky hills. The stream collects in the deep gorge walled at a strategic location and the excess flows off the wall creating some sort of a waterfall out there. We walked beside the waterfall and down the rocks to cross the stream and walked alongside the lake on the other side.

Dam that creates the Lost Lake

Lost Lake facade

A couple brought kayaks and hit the water enjoying the stillness of the lost lake. Swimming is not allowed at this location... perhaps because of the rocks in the lake bed or maybe because of the depth... I don't know. Kayaking and fishing are allowed and there were few people enjoying the therapeutic and relaxing activity.

Couple enjoying kayaking