Friday, December 05, 2008

Dating Advice from a 9-year old

This can happen only in a free spirited nation like the US, an 8-year-old writes a best selling book about one of the most talked about subject in the entire world "How to Talk to Girls". I read this article about Alec Greven, a fourth-grader at at Soaring Hawk Elementary School in Castle Rock, Colorado, US, who has catapulted to nationwide fame thanks to his first published book titled "How to Talk to Girls" and am pretty impressed by his enterprise, skill and observation ability.

This book started off as a school writing assignment, which was so well written that the impressed principal and teachers they put it up for sale at the school book fair for $3. The book became hit and soon attracted the attention of a publisher and since then Alec has been the Agony Uncle, the macho man, the ladies man, the original casanova... etc etc... Boys in his school have been seeking his advice on how to get "girls".

Reading the interview he gave to I am pretty impressed by his confidence and modus operandi with which he wrote the book. His inspiration came from his observation of boys finding it difficult to talk to girls and get dates. Wish I was so brainy at 9 yrs old to write a book... heck I have not even been able to complete my books at 35...

But anyway I will get to it and hopefully soon I will have my picture with the book.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Shanti Homam in Dallas

The recent terror attack in Mumbai took over 200 innocent lives. It is another matter that most of the dead are Hindus and the killers are all Jihadi Muslims trained in Pakistan. Most of the media and "Moderate" muslims I know are blaming the victims.. the Hindus as the reason behind the attack. The fact that we are Hindus and we follow our own religion seems to be the bone of contention in this case. I wonder when these guys will get their brains straight and start working towards creating a happy family life for themselves and their loved ones.

Anyway as Hindus we are a peace loving civilization and the most we do is pray for peace... not only for our own people for the whole world. The traditional saying of Hindus "Krunvanto Vishwamaryam" meaning "May the whole world be happy" is something every Hindu remembers and thinks before taking any action. In this direction the immigrant Hindu community, apart from donating money to help the rehabilitation of those affected in Mumbai terrorist attack, has organized a Shanti Homam in several cities in US, Canada and New Zealand. I have uploaded the flyer of the homam in this post and definitely hope and trust that several people will be joining us as we pray for world peace. To participate or know more about the homam do visit the website of Sanatana Dharma Foundation


Tuesday, December 02, 2008

When the nation burns, projected future PM Parties Hard

This is perhaps the most shameful facet of our country. Rahul Gandhi, the scion of the ruling Gandhi family didn't think twice before heading out and partying all night even as the family members of those dead in the Mumbai terrorist attack grieved over the loss. According to newsreports the general secretary of Indian national congress was seen partying hard till 5.00 am at a friend's Sangeet function in a private farmhouse on the outskirts of Delhi.

According to anonymous eye witnesses, Rahul Gandhi was completely out of sync with the mood of the nation post-26/11 terrorist attacks. Though officials have been cancelling parties and even private business establishments called off special events, Rahul Gandhi wouldn't stop partying. He was enjoying himself at the lavish party hosted by Leena Musafir, sister of the bride and her husband. “When everyone is cancelling parties or just keeping them low-key, Rahul Gandhi had no business to be celebrating. His action makes us lose faith in future leaders,” said Ajay Bahl, a leading corporate lawyer who was trapped in the thick of the action on 26/11 at The Oberoi, Mumbai, but managed to escape with the help of the hotel staff.

And this is the same person who is being projected as the future prime minister of India. Do we need someone like this, one who is totally callous about the sensitivities of the nation, someone who is totally self-indulgent at the tax payers expense. Someone who doesn't care about the response of the nation to this crisis and goes off to party hard. An Member of Parliament who parties instead of serving his constituency? Come on we don't need him... I'd suggest he and his family just leave the country and go away to Italy, their mother land and never come back.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Worst kind of politics by Kerala CM

This is something that can happen only in India. A chief minister insulting a slain soldier's parents is something that should never happen in any nation. And this is exactly what the great Achutanandan did in Bangalore recently. The CM of Kerala has had the audacity to say that not even a dog would have gone to the home of late Major Unnikrishnan. I wonder how he got elected in the first place and what the people are doing keeping him in power. This kind of characters should be divested of power and sent to prison for disrespecting the sacrifices of a martyr.

I wonder if there is any depth that a politician can stoop to... This is the most Thanklessness one can show. This type of people are those who surround themselves with security guards even to go to the bathroom, what does he think of himself. If he had any conscience he would have resigned or at least sanctioned money for purchase of high-tech protective gear for the security forces.