Friday, March 25, 2011

Bedroom Set - Important Facet of Your Home

After moving to the United States I am getting exposed to stylish living. Here everyone wants to have everything and as such the economy is doing so well. I have decided to join the rat race and among my first acquisitions will be bedroom sets for all the rooms at home. These sets make the room look spacious, elegant and luxurious and most importantly they make life easy.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Summer is almost here...

If there is something I particularly don't like about Texas, it is the 100 degree summer days. The days are getting warmer and more sunny showing a clear sign of oncoming summer. It's going to be 90 on Saturday and I am definitely not pleased. I'd rather have an ice day with sub zero temperature than a 100 degree sultry afternoon. There is precious little anyone can do about these super hot days but complain, fret and live on. That is precisely what I am going to do also. Just go on with life... the only difference being I'd be going around in thinner clothes and will be visiting the park more often to bicycle, walk and run hopefully.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Whining and Complaining is pretty bad!

I heard a famous radio anchor say this on air and was pretty struck by this message. I had thought about it before but coming from this personality it sank into my psyche deep and firm. The quote below is a modified version of what I heard, this is more suited to my situation in life.

I will not complain about things going wrong in my life because 80% of the people don't care, 5% really care but can't do anything about it and the remaining 10% are actually happy that I am having these problems