Thursday, July 09, 2009

Reliable Auto Repair in Carona

When I was in India, I learned about the three basic necessities for life: Food, Clothing and Shelter. I moved to the US a little over 18 months ago and in this country there are four basic necessities for life: food, clothing, shelter and a car. Yes if one has to live in the US, owning a car is definitely a basic need.

Owning a car is not simple, one has to care for and maintain the vehicle in good running condition. Identifying and establishing rapport with a reliable auto body shop corona is critical to car ownership. There are large networks of reliable collision repair experts across the US. But you can know who is good only through the ratings and testimonials of their customers. The first thing to do while looking for an auto body shop is to ask friends and family. Their referrals will help you identify the right shop for you to get your car cared for.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Grand Canyon - Ruins

Grand Canyon is not all about nature and its wonders. There are many reasons to visit this natural world heritage site. Being an ardent traveller, nature lover, history enthusiast and an individual who intimately feels for the oppressed populations, I have a lot to look out for in the Grand Canyon. The first is of course, the natural beauty and the adventure possibilities the canyon offers.

Everytime I visit any historical location in the US. Everywhere, an intense sense of rage and frustration descends upon me because of the terminology which is used by the government/ national park service folks. There is a constant drumming of the fact that there were "Indians" or "American Indians" or "Native Indians" here before the Europeans landed and took over the country. This is grossly wrong, there were large native populations in this country and each one had their own nation, such as Apache, Choctaw, Hopi, Pueblo, Comanche, etc.

I'd like to present this picture of a ruins of a settlement in the Grand Canyon. According to some signage, this picture depicts the dwelling of some Native American tribes during 1,000 BC. Of course the signage says "Indian" while refering to the tribes. I understand that 500 years ago when Columbus landed here, he thought he had landed in India and called the people Indians. But since then the world has changed, there has been knowledge explosion thanks to the internet and other communication technologies. Despite these changes, the only thing that seems to persist is that "Native Americans" continue to be called "Indians". I can only infer this mis-nomer as an effort to degrade us, the real Indians from India.

Way back in 5,000 BC India had a glorious civilization and much more advanced society in terms of urban development, roads, art, architecture, culture, language, metallurgy, etc. Some of which have not been replicated to this date by any other civilization... not even the so called "Scientifically Advanced" first world nations. But these people continue to misrepresent India and our people in various forms. Be it in history or in the media such as the recent Oscar-awarded movie "Slumdog Millionaire" and the people who consume such media happily believe this.

I wonder when the "West will Learn".

High Fashion Jeans from Armani Exchange

I love wearing jeans and denim trousers. I am always on the lookout for fashionable, comfortable and high quality jeans to add to my wardrobe. Recently I came across the Armani Exchange, a line of jeans which are the answer to my quest for stylish and comfortable jeans. I browsed through the styles and found several appealing jeans which I would prefer to buy. My first choice would be the J101 Boot, which features a low rise boot cut classic fit jeans. The unique feature of this jean includes red thread accents, signature A | X branding. My second choice is the same fit with a destruction wash because this style of washing gives the feel of vintage stone wash and hand sanding makes it feel worn and faded, though new.

Another style I really liked is the J127 SLIM which features a low rise slim leg standard fit. I like this because, when I wear this I feel taller than I am, thanks to the slim leg. I would prefer a normal Dark wash product in this style and I am sure this will make me popular at school. I wonder if what I am talking about makes any sense, so I am including a screen shot of what I liked.

In my experience of shopping I have noticed that premium denims are expensive. When I read the A|X Blog, I came to know that Armani Exchange's Premium Denim range starts at about $98, which is total value for money.

Moreover Armani Exchange has launched a summer SMS contest through which participants can win a pair of denim everyday throughout the month of July. All one needs to do to participate in the text A|X content is to send a text message the keyword "DENIM2" to ARMANI (276264).

There are other promotions too. As part of the launch, buyers of a full price pair of denim (in store or online) before the 19th of July will be eligible for a $20 gift card for your next purchase of $100 or more. For the discount rules and conditions you could visit the website.

I have been talking about Armani Exchange all along. Now let me tell you a little about this brand. Created by Italian designer and entrepreneur Giorgio Armani, this line of clothing signifies youth, dance, music and symbolizes personal style and comfort. So if you think you are fashionable get into an Armani and flaunt your style.