Thursday, July 02, 2009

Grand Canyon Monuments

Grand Canyon 068
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This is another recreated monument on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. One thing strikes me about the US. When the Europeans started arriving in droves into this continent, they hated native Americans and started killing them without question. This resulted in bloody wars and lots of people were killed, especially on the native American side.
But now few hundred years later it is a fashion among European-Americans (White Americans) to say that part of their ancestry is "Choctaw" or "Cherokee" or "Apache" or "Pueblo" or something like that. Another thing that has been done to get more money and attract tourists is to rebuild the old monuments along tourist spots such as Grand Canyon. This will accomplish twin purposes... one successfully covers up the Atrocities meted out to native american populations by invading Europeans and two generates tourist revenue. It is a total "WIN-WIN" situation.

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River View @ Grand Canyon's South Rim

Grand Canyon 073
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This is perhaps the most fascinating view of the Grand Canyon that I got to see. I shot this picture at the far end of the South Rim of the canyon near the "Native American" Watch tower and other monuments. The unique feature of this view is that the can yon can be seen in its full glory. Not only can one see both the rims but one can also see its depths where the Colorado river swirls along.
Taking in this view I wish I could just jump into the Colorado river for a refreshing swim to escape the desert heat of Arizona. The azure waters of Colorado are definitely inviting.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

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