Friday, May 01, 2009

Best place for genuine Volvo and Saab Parts

Volvo and Saab are two premium brands of cars here in the United States. Being premium cars, spare parts of both cars can be quite pricey. Sometimes finding the right part to replace the worn one in your trusted Saab or Volvo could be quite tough. The internet has some solutions in the form of websites which sell automobile parts. But there again not every website would hold an inventory of
Saab parts or Volvo parts.

While recently helping a friend find some parts for his Volvo, I came across this website known as Swedish Parts Network, which prides itself in having a vast inventory of Volvo and Saab parts. This site is a no-frills website, simple and easy to navigate and find parts that you need. They are not trying to impress you with fancy graphics or music. They just want to help you find the parts your car needs.

The selection of Volvo and Saab Auto parts is complete and comprehensive. Everything ranging from power steering, brakes, engine spares, etc are available. All you need to do is just order them and they will be shipped to your doorstep. Sounds cool! doesn't it?

I would recommend you to visit the Saab Parts website and confirm for yourself about their offerings.

Tomorrow is MS-150

I woke up this morning with a sense of anticipation and thrill. Today is the MS-150 expo at Frisco and tomorrow morning we are riding towards the Texas Motor Speedway. There has been a slight change of plans due to the Swine Flu scares and the second day's ride starts and ends at the Texas Motor Speedway. This ride will be a testing one for me because it has been 16 years since I did any serious bicycling. As part of my training the best time I could manage was 12.3 miles per hour and the longest distance I did in a day was about 50 miles. The first day's MS-150 ride is about 80 miles. I sure I don't collapse midway and cause a nuisance for the organizers. I am quite determined to complete the ride, but let us see what happens tomorrow.

For now take a look at the map of both days ride and you will get an idea of what I am up to.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hawaii - Great Destination for leisure, adventure and weddings

During the past 18 months that I have been in the US, I have met several people who claim that Hawaii is their favorite holiday destination. I have never been to Hawaii but I have seen pictures and I am definitely mesmerized. Recently I came to know of Maui Resort , one of the best in Hawaii and it offers some amazing activities. Being born in the Pisces sun sign I am a great water sports lover and to my delight this resort offers a plethora of activities including Snorkeling expeditions, hiking, bicycling, helicopter rides, historic cruises and whale watching.

Apart from being a holiday destination, Hawaii is also popular for its glamorous and beautiful Maui Weddings . Couples plan their wedding here because they are organized with such pomp and glamor unmatched elsewhere. So if you and your significant other wish to get married or if you are already married and wish to renew your vows head to Hawaii and I am sure you will come back rejuvenated and happier.


One day remaining for the MS-150

The day is finally dawning upon me and I don't know whether I am fully prepared or not. I haven't been able to train during the past week because of moving. I am quite confident that I will complete the ride but only thing is that it wouldn't be as effortlessly as I had originally envisaged. Tomorrow is the grand inaugural expo of the MS ride and I am definitely looking forward to it.
I received an email from the organizers that there will be a change of route because of the Swine Flu pandemic which is raging across the continent of North America. There has been one confirmed death in Texas and several cases reported in the DFW metroplex too. Some county governments have prohibited all public gatherings to stem the spread of the virus through carriers. Hence the original end of the route has been changed and a new route has been set up which we will know about tomorrow. Let us see what day after tomorrow holds.

Enjoy outdoors without worrying about mosquitos!

Spring and summer provide a much awaited break from cold winters which confine us to heated indoor spaces and prevent us from enjoying the great outdoors. Activities such as sun bathing, barbecue, outdoor picnics are best enjoyed in the warm weather. But with warm weather brings its own problems, a plague of mosquitoes and other biting into your backyard. These insects pose a big irritation and play spoilsport to your enjoyable time with family and friends.

Mosquitoes are natural blood suckers and get attracted by our body warmth. Some people think that mosquitoes don't live that long and after a few weeks they disappear on their own. First fact is that this is grossly false. The second is a greater reason to guard against these flying pests. Mosquitoes are air-borne carriers of several disease causing viruses such as the West Nile virus and different strains of bacteria. These microscopic organisms cause diseases such as Malaria, Dengue and Encephalitis.

People have tried numerous methods to get rid of this mosquito menace. Things like mosquito repellent ointments, window meshes, mosquito repellent sprays, etc have been introduced in the market by various companies. But none have provided a proven, lasting, long-term and safe solution to the problem of mosquitoes. But now there is a huge ray of hope for those of us pestered by mosquitoes. I read the review of Mosquito Magnet traps online and I am quite impressed by the different things this product can do. This is a unique gadget which mimics the human body and attracts mosquitoes towards itself and kills them all. This can be placed anywhere indoors or outdoors, they can run non-stop for 24 hours. After watching an explanatory video on their website I think this is going to provide the much needed relief from mosquitoes.

The product has received glowing reviews. One mosquito magnet review from K. McLeod Hanover, MA reads something like: "I live in Hanover, Massachusetts and purchased a Mosquito Magnet® for my pool area. I turned it on last May and it immediately started catching bags full of mosquitoes. During the course of last summer I noticed the mosquito population around my home had decreased and by August had almost completely disappeared. I have already started the trap this year and noticed an unbelievable difference in the limited amount of mosquitoes in my yard this year. We enjoy our pool more than ever and appreciate that the Mosquito Magnet® has made our backyard safer for our kids and a more pleasurable place to be."

This is just a sample review, there are hundreds of others who have been helped by this amazing product. They have been able to use their backyard again, spend time at the pool, enjoy outdoor activities with family, let kids play in their backyards, etc. This summer I am going to install one of these cool gadgets in our backyard and we will also enjoy summer in true outdoor style, thanks to Mosquito Magnet.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bicycle tricks and stunts

When I started training for the MS-150 bicycle ride last month, I added another facet to the training. To learn some cool and wacky bike tricks while training. How do I learn them? If it was old days when Internet wasn't there, I'd have to depend on TV and memory and a lot of trail and error. But now with Youtube there are thousands of self-styled experts teaching how to do stunts on a bicycle and a host of other things.

I liked these two stunts very much and tried practicing them during my training. Of course I haven't succeeded in mastering the tricks yet... but I hope to get there some day and when I do get there I will surely post some nice videos. And till then you could enjoy watching these guys.

Kits to Guard against Swine Flu

Swine flu has quickly assumed global proportions. The deadly disease has left over 140 dead in Mexico and hundreds more infected. Even the world's most powerful democracy, United States, has not been spared. The first death was reported today. The deceased, a child had traveled from Mexico to Houston, Tx for treatment of Swine flu and succumbed to the deadly disease. Incidences of this disease has been reported from as far afield as in India and New Zealand too.

As of now there has not been any major breakthrough in controlling the spread of this disease. The only thing one can do is to guard against contracting this disease by getting hold of a swine flu pandemic kit. These kits are selling like hot cakes as everyone wants to protect themselves and their loved ones. Get our kit and ensure your protection. This could save several lives, including your own.

Two More days for the big weekend!!!

The much-awaited Big Bike Weekend is just two days away. I have trained intermittently for this event, definitely not as much as I would have liked to have done. But more than the physical training part of the ride, I have been frustrated and saddened by the fact that only couple of my friends have actually agreed to donate to the cause and help me reach my modest fund-raising goal. Statistically the US is the largest giving country... almost $8 billion a year is given away to charity by people, corporations and foundations. But somehow I haven't been able to raise a mere $300, wonder why? Maybe my approach was not right, maybe I didn't talk to the right people, maybe I don't know the right people. Whatever the reason maybe... the bottom line is that I have failed in my goal to raise funds for a worthy cause.

I am pretty sure that Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and its ramifications upon patients is well known to most people. But still I wonder why 98% of the people I wrote to didn't consider donating towards research for finding a cure for MS. Maybe they have other pet charities to which they donate.

On the physical front also I haven't trained to the level I wanted to. For the past 5 days I haven't cycled even one mile. I could give a hundred reasons for not doing but the plain and simple truth is I haven't done it. Our moving homes did take a lot of my energy and time and also my approaching exams are taking me out of physical activity towards studies.

I just hope I would be able to ride the 160 miles smoothly... even if I am the last guy to cross the finish line it is fine. But my worst nightmare would be to collapse midway, unable to ride. I hope that wont happen...

And last but not the least, here is a last entreaty to all my blog readers to contribute to my cause, every $ counts. Do take time to visit my page and donate. All I am asking you all is to sponsor $0.10 for every mile I ride.. i.e. $16.00. That is not much is it?

Click here to contribute.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rolex Watches at affordable price!

Yes you read it right, I just visited the website of Best of Time - Where Time Lasts Forever, where one could buy genuine Rolex watches for a fraction of its manufacturer suggested retail prices. How is this possible? Rolex is a globally respected brand name?? According to their website Best of Time is an independent dealer of new and pre-owned Rolex Watches, due to which they are able to pass on greater discounts to customers.

When I first saw the prices I couldn't believe it. Rolex watches priced at $4,000 can be bought for less than half its price here. Take for example one of my favorite Rolex Models, the Date just, it retails at $7800, but at Best of Time, you could buy it for just $2,899.95 only. Isn't that a great bargain price?

Another feature of Best of time is their strong customer orientation. Their goal is not just selling watches but make this process hassle free and comfortable for you, the buyer. So if you have always dreamed of owning a Rolex, this is the time to buy and the place to buy is Best of Time.