Friday, June 19, 2009

Visit the Blu World and Win Fantastic Prizes

Online contests are fun, they offer opportunities to win really cool prizes. The best part of the online contests is the fact that some of them are absolutely free and don't even involve purchases. Now the latest such contest to open its doors for entries is "It's a Blu World Contest" by BluFrog.

Participants can walk away with cool prizes including a BluGamer - the ultimate gaming package, Happy Blu-Year - a trip on New Year's eve to NY, Blullapalooza: a trip to Lolapalloza in Chicago, BluStreak: a Richard Petty Racing Experience and of course XtremeBLU: A trip to the Winter X Games in Aspen. Now how would you like to be one of the winners to walk away with any one of these cool prizes? I bet every one of us would love to be in fray for the rich pickings.

You the funny thing is that entering this contest and winning is very easy. It is as easy as sending a Tweet. Yes! You could win this contest by Tweeting, commenting on their blog or by posting a note on your blog about the contest.

Speaking for myself I'd love to win the Happy Blu-Year prize, because this will help me accomplish two things. One of course being in the most happening place on New Year's eve and two visiting my dear brother who lives in NY. It would be a grant surprise for him and a very happy one at that. Me and my brother could get together and head to the Time square and have a blast with the Blu World.

So now if you want to win some cool stuff, just sign in and enter. The contest ends soon and you will be disappointed if you don't take action right now.


Tank in Texas Military History Museum

Since childhood I have always been attracted to these large weapons/ vehicles of destruction. I don't know why, but I have been impressed by these vehicles sheer powerful and scary looks. When I was a kid I used think of becoming a soldier and work in the tank regiment and fight the enemy if an eventuality arises.

As I grew older, life took me on a totally different path and here I am in the US studying business management and looking for a job. The only thing I do which gets me close to war machines is when I visit military and war museums.

Play Multiplayer Games Online

Online gaming is the biggest craze since internet speeds rose and high end graphics came into being. Starting from young children to seniors everyone is slowly but surely getting hooked to online gaming. The most popular online games include Billiards, Word games, fighting games etc. Speaking of Billiards I recently came across a fantastically graphic website which lets people play multiplayer games online.

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of online gaming websites, what makes this different? In my opinion it is the high-end graphics, 3-D feel of the games, fast downloads and amazing sound effects is what sets this site head and shoulders above the rest of the crop.

My verdict is simple, if you are into online gaming just go to and you will not go anywhere else.

Efficient Resource Management

houston-oct-4- 024
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One of the things I like about the US is the way they manage their natural resources. Take for example rivers, streams, creeks, brooks, lakes and other water bodies. I have traveled to several different cities, both large and small across the US and no where have I seen a water body being killed to make way for commercial or residential development. Town planners always leave certain amount of space around the water body so that the natural elements are not hindered and earth retains at least some of its moisture and ground water content.

Take for example this river which flows right by Downtown Houston. If it were elsewhere it would have probably been closed down and buildings built atop its dried up bed. Or perhaps they would have used this as a natural sewage line and emptied untreated domestic sewage into the water body thus killing it slowly.

But in the US most water bodies are usually left alone and development takes place along side. Of course the river does get polluted, but not as polluted as it would get if wastes were directly emptied into them.

I think back home in India town planners need to realize this and learn to conserve resources so the future generations can have water, the elixir of life.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Contact Lenses or Lasik, which is cheaper?

People with eye problems often face several dilemmas. The first being choosing between spectacles and contact lenses. Spectacles if not created to suit the user can mar the beauty of the wearer. Contact lenses are expensive and need continuous care and replacement. Now with advancement in eye care and medical therapies, there is a new dilemma contact lenses or LASIK. In this case also the primary concerns are the cost.

In the short term it appears that contact lenses are cheaper compared to Lasik. According to a new quantitative research, wearing contact lenses could actually prove more expensive over a lifetime. For example the research states that a 25 year old wear extended wear contacts will spend over $20,000 through his/ her life. That is a very steep number, my sister and brother both wear contact lenses and I need to tell them about these costs.

I feel that with iLASIK one can completely avoid contact lenses and eliminate recurring costs. The savings will prove phenomenal in the long run.

Historically we are living in tough economic times and every penny saved is a penny earned. It is time we let eye care experts take care of our eyes and junk those contact lenses and go in for the most modern LASIK. This procedure is covered by most health savings accounts which provides a tax deductible method to pay for better vision.

Patients who have had the LASIK procedure done are extremely happy with the results and they feel that the costs are not as high as they thought it was. Moreover the elimination of recurring contact lens costs came as a big boon.


Collin Classic 2009

Over the weekend I participated in the Collin Classic 2009, a bicycling event which took me along with about 2,000 other riders through the rolling hills of Collin County. One thing I have realized after participating in couple of bike events is that country roads in Texas are not as big or good as the highways. Country roads are narrow and often potholed. The villages are quite similar to Indian villages barring couple of differences, which are actually quite significant.

The first and primary difference between an American village and Indian village is the road infrastructure. Many Indian villages don't have proper roads, and often times the roads are just mud tracks. Another difference is the housing, here the houses are built of wood and some are mobiles homes and trailers. Barring difference in material the quality of homes seem quite the same as in most prosperous villages in India. The biggie in terms of difference is the fact that every home has couple of cars/ trucks. A fact which is impossible to see in India.

Anyway I didn't carry a camera to the ride and hence I have had to depend on the internet to scout for pictures of Collin Classic. I found a trove of pictures shot by Ateupamateur on Flickr and thought I'd post them in here.