Friday, April 17, 2009

Single in Miami? Find your soulmate here!!!

Localization and micro-focussing is the buzzword in everything now. Similarly internet dating sites which are local, catering to a small geographic area are attracting more attention than ever. One draw is there is the possibility of being able to meet in person after a few e-mails which would be difficult in a long-distance romance. One of the newest websites launched in this space caters to residents of Miami. This miami personals website is a space where guys and girls based in Miami or those planning to move to Miami can find love.

There are numerous interactive tools which will help you zero-in the ideal partner and pursue a prospective love interest. The website offers a suitable platform to meet prospective lovers, friends and life partners. The best part of the deal is that it is absolutely free to join and post your profile. You can also browse the existing profiles for free. So if you are out there looking for a date, mate or a life partner go ahead and look up this website.

Inspirations for the MS-150 Bike ride

Since I registered for the Sam's club MS-150 bike ride I have been training on bicycling trails in the area and also looking up information, videos, pictures and articles about MS and the past rides. I found this video presentation of 2007 MS-150 bike ride and thought I'd share it with all of you.

Finding the right Dentist!

Finding the right dentist for your family can be a challenging task. Dentists are not only as important as any other medical professional you would consult with, but they are the ones who can make or mar your smile and facial appearance. Hence it is important that you find the right dentist for your entire family. I recently came across this Plano Dentist who offers services in all aspects of dentistry including cosmetic, general and family dentistry.

This dental office prides itself in making you feel comfortable and relaxed right from the moment you enter their office. Whatever your need maybe, just a routine cleaning or consultation for your child or even enhancing your smile to make it bright and glorious, the dentists here will offer you the right solutions.

And don't worry about the costs, these Plano Dentists don't expect you to pay an arm and a leg for their services. They accept all PPO insurance and will work with your checks, credit cards or cash payments. So if you want your teeth and smile to be in good hands get in touch with the best.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Training on Plano Trails

The past couple of days I have been training in the city of Plano, Tx. This city unlike Carrollton (where I live) has better maintained and longer bicycling trails. There are three trails which I frequent The Blue Bonnet Trail, Preston Ridge Trail and Chisolm Trail. Since I wanted to seriously train I didn't carry my camera, so you all will have to be content with word pictures.
Moreover today was perhaps a bad day for cycling because the wind was heavy and one direction of my cycling was a tough cookie... the harder I cycled the more resistant the wind became... so I guess I would have expended twice the amount of energy to do the same distance.

The Blue Bonnet Trail is a 5-mile long trail which passes through various residential neighborhoods and parks. This East-West trail is lined by large expanses of blue bonnet plants. It is a treat to the eye to watch these blue blossoms swaying in the wind as we whiz past on the trail. I kinda don't like this trail very much because this has too many street crossings and there is very little tree cover... actually no tree cover at all.

Then there is the Preston Ridge Trail... this is also a long trail which runs in the North-South direction and like the Blue Bonnet trail much of it is through residential communities and hence quite boring too. The one better feature of this trail is that this is wee bit hilly and one can experience climbs and down hills. The last mile of the trail, close the highway 121, is through a protected forest and has quite a bit of tree cover and a large artificial lake.

The last trail Chisolm Trail is my favorite, for two reasons, this a lots of tree cover, runs along a winding creek and has very few street crossings. Whenever a road has to be crossed the trail passes under the road via a cool bridge. There are beautiful lake views, forest areas, conservation buffer zones etc, along the trial. And of course I caught glimpses of urban wildlife... geese, ducks, cranes, egrets, and of course the ubiquitous cormorants and crows. Chisolm trail also passes along a large lake in an area known as Big Lake Park and a war memorial, known as Memorial Park. These attractions give a unique character to this trail and thus my favourite.

I enjoyed cycling 30 miles (50 km) today, took me 2 hrs 45 mins and hopefully I will do more tomorrow and the days to come.

Needless to say I am still looking for donations for my cause - Eradication of Multiple Sclerosis. Do visit my page and contribute generously to this needy cause.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Contemporary Furniture

I have always been of the firm opinion that a home should have minimum furniture and maximum space. But then this principle doesn't mean that we sacrifice any of our necessities. For example I need a utilitarian desk to work at home. But most desks available in furniture stores are so big and hog so much space I'd find it difficult to fit it in my corner niche.
Recently I visited this cool online rustic furniture store where I found just the right desk for my corner. The Walnut 3 Drawer Corner Desk is simply utilitarian, consumes little space and is shaped different making it a unique piece of furniture. The desk gives a natural earthy feel to my study and being hand-crafted it gives a human touch. Now that I have found this online store, I am sure I will be visiting this regularly to check out their offerings.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Vistas of Campion Trail, Irving

I had blogged earlier about my bicycling experience on the 5-mile Campion trail in Irving as part of my training for the MS-150 bike ride. Well one thing I must say about this trail is its natural and man-made beauty. While some of the river views along the trail are stunning.. the sight of the mega highways of Texas is no less awesome. If trees, river and birds soothe your soul, the road sight and traffic noises make you starkly aware of human intervention here.

Here are some more pictures shot along the trail.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Training on Irving's Bicycling Trails

While in India I had often heard "there are separate lanes for bicycles in Europe and US". Since I started training for the MS-150 bicycle ride, I am beginning to discover that this is in fact true. However those people had missed a slight detail: the bicycle trails are not part of the road network, but are located inside entertainment and leisure areas such as parks, national forests, river sides etc. While these trails are a boon for the leisure cyclist it is no comfort to a person who prefers to commute by bicycle.

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Anyway coming back to my adventures on two wheels of a different, slower, human-powered variety. Yesterday I clocked about 20 miles of bicycling on two trails: Campion trail in Irving, Tx and the Blue Bonnet Trail in Plano, Tx. I carried my camera for the Campion Trail ride... which actually slowed down my progress.

The Campion trail is about 5 miles in length and passes through three parks and along the elm fork of Trinity River. Like every other park in the US there are walking places, restrooms (mobile variety), picnic areas, benches, trash cans, river view look out points, river side fishing and canoe launch sites, etc. For the first time I saw two Desi's (persons of Indian origin) fishing in the river. Here are some pictures of the trail experience.