Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Massachusetts teen sentenced to prison for texting while driving

Texting while driving or for that matter simply using the cellphone while driving is a huge distraction. This phenomenon is rampant across the world where cellphones are used. Be it America or India or China cellphone use while driving has become a menace and a cause of hundreds of accidents, crashes and fatalities across the world.

Today when I read this article titled "Massachusetts teen sentenced to prison for texting while driving" I am pretty impressed by the judge who pronounced this judgement. Though two years in prison for an 18-yr-old is not much in this country. He can come out two years later and with good family support start his life all over again, go to college, find a girl, marry, have kids, have a career and pretty much lead a normal life. But for the three children who lost their father, the woman who lost her boyfriend/ lover, the sibling who lost her bother there is no returning to normalcy. Their loss is permanent that nothing can replace. Prayers may give some solace but the loss will continue to haunt them for the rest of their lives.

I hope that this news article and the punishment will deter other cellphone users to desist from dangerous driving practices and keep the roadways safe for everyone.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Hoping for clout with women, Obama urges Congress to pass "Paycheck Fairness Act"

My Comments on this news:

Politicians can stoop to any level to gain or retain power. This is one example of how President Obama is trying to gain his votes so he can get reelected come December.

Equal pay for equal work should be implemented, I have no problems with the concept itself, but talking about it when elections are around the corner. That is what is not fair. This is simply trying to bribe the electorate and get their votes.

In short going to any lengths to retain the presidency and power. No difference between politicians here and elsewhere in this regard.
Hoping for clout with women, Obama urges Congress to pass 'Paycheck Fairness Act' | The Ticket - Yahoo! News
Click image to see more photos. (Paul Beaty/AP) President Barack Obama, his re-election fortunes heavily dependent on women, pushed Congress on Monday to "step up and do its job" by passing a bill designed to erase the wage gap between male and female workers doing the same job. With Senate Republicans expected to block the [...]
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Softball coach claims reverse discrimination after ousting because school insisted on hiring a woman

My Observations on this newsreport:

Heartening news for feminists and women's libbers, a male coach gets ousted to make way for a female. It is indeed celebration time for women across the world, their rights are being upheld. It is not bad for the ousted coach after all, he still gets to keep his job. Hey in this economy having a job is extremely important. I don't know the politics behind this incident but I can only say one thing. It is time men get used to such treatment, the future belongs to women who have started flexing their muscle in all arenas. After all according to a London researcher men will go extinct in the next 149,000 years :)
Softball coach claims reverse discrimination after ousting because school insisted on hiring a woman | Prep Rally - Yahoo! Sports
A highly respected softball coach in Alabama is raising claims of reverse discrimination after he was informed that he would not be allowed to keep his job because the school wanted a female softball coach. Continue reading →
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