Wednesday, December 10, 2008

CCCCD Dance Ensemble

On Monday, I finished my Economics exam and was walking through the corridors towards the exit when I chanced to see a notice that the college dance ensemble would be performing at the auditorium and it was free entry for students. I immediately decided that I would go and take a look and started walking towards the theater. Anyway the programme started on dot 8.00 pm and ended an hour later at 9.00 pm. The English musical dance drama titled The Producer, was well executed and the entire team did a great job of entertaining the audience which comprised mostly of students, faculty and other staff members of the college. Since I had the camera handy I thought I'd shoot some pictures and present them on my blog. I also shot a video which I will be posting soon after I add some titling and edits to it. For now you all enjoy the pictures, they are a bit dark but that is the best I could do given the limited lighting in the auditorium.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Affordable High-Quality Prescription Glasses

One of the banes of life in the US is that if one doesn't have insurance for any health related issue, he is doomed. If one doesn't have vision insurance, buying prescription eyeglasses can make a hole in one's pocket. Vision insurance can be prohibitively expensive too.

But even in such scenario there are companies like which sells eyeglasses for as little as US $15. These are not cheap plastic ones but high-quality glasses and made according to your prescription. I got to know of this site because I wanted to get a pair of eyeglasses for myself and was aghast at the exhorbitant prices in the stores. So I did a google search and found Optical4less and was overjoyed to see prescription glasses for just US $15. I would never go to a store again... at least not to buy eyeglasses.

In this downward spiralling economy what Optical4less offers is something that everyone would be thankful for. Of course traditional eyeglasses stores will not be happy to know about Optical4less, but then it is the consumer that matters. Consumers are served well and are happy with the high-quality prescription eye glasses with anti-reflective coating. Apart from prescription glasses, Optical4less also offers tinted sunglasses; bifocal reading glasses; progressive reading eyeglasses and photochromic sunglasses.

What impressed me the most about Optical4less is that their service is not limited to US, they are worldwide. One has to order more than 1 pair of eye glasses and Optical4less will ship it to any corner of the world absolutely free. Their inventory has some amazingly trenddy and stylish frames.

Fall Colors that almost went unnoticed

I have been busy going through my college, radio shows, volunteering and other stuff that I almost missed capturing the beauty of fall in my camera. Last weekend I finally got around to do it and here are the amazing hues of nature. Of course most of the pictures have been shot inside the apartment complex I live in and couple have been captured outside in places like Irving and Plano, places that I frequently visit.

Data about US Prison Inmates

One of the things I like about the US establishment is the way records of virtually every facet of life are maintained. This has enabled them to churn out enormous amounts of statistics, research-based data and establish their domination over the world. I recently came across this website which has a uniquely different search engine. This site enables people to locate prison inmates. Aptly titled Prison Inmate Locator, the site provides access to information about inmates in the US. Data available include inmate license and all other vital information of people in the prison anywhere in the US.

I believe this is a commendable effort, considering that nearly 1% of US population are living in prisons. And in my opinion every nation should put in place similar systems so that tracking of information will be easy and lessons learnt will be retained across generations.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Post-Terrorist Attack Protests

After the recent Mumbai terrorist attacks which exposed the total lackadiasical attatitude of India's corrupt politicians, common people took to streets with placards, posters, and banners. The people are outraged at the blatent courage of the Pakistani terrorists who struck at the heart of India. Of course the terrorists were helped by some "local loyals" of their own kind who live, thrive and enjoy the wealth of India but think, plot, and work against India, only one reason... because India has a majority Hindu population.

Here are some images that were forwarded to me by a friend in India, who was part of this protest rally. I hope the awakening of national consciousness continues till next year's elections and the people would elect a "Patriotic Government" or at least give full majority to one party... be it "minority-appeasement party" or "stupid spineless party" or anything... but let there be one power at the center and not a mixture of trash like it is now.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

God's Master Plan

What is god's plan for the world? How does he decide which nation is rich, which is poor, what is strong and which is happy... well here is a humourous deduction of God's plan for the world. Read through and enjoy.

God was in the process of creating the universe.
And he was explaining to his subordinates

Look everything should be in balance.:
For example, after every 10 deer there should be a lion.
Look here is United States.
I have blessed them with prosperity and money.
But at the same time I have given them insecurity and tension....

And here is Africa.
I have given them beautiful nature.
But at the same time, I have given them climatic extremes.

And here is South America.
I have given them lots of forests.
But at the same time, I have given them lesser land so that they would
have to cut off the forests...
So you see fellows, everything should be in balance.

One of the angels asked...
"God, what is this extremely beautiful country here?"

God said....... "Ahah...that is the crown piece of all.
My most precious creation.
It has understanding and friendly People.
Sparkling streams and serene mountains.
A culture which speaks of the great tradition that they live.
Technologically brilliant and with a heart of gold.....

The angel was quite surprised:
"But god you said everything should be in balance."

God replied --
"Look at the neighbours I gave them."


I must say that if this is God's plan, it has worked out pretty well and that is the kind of neighbors we Indians have.

Weapons for Police and Security Forces

One of the most important necessities for any police or security force employee is a good, reliable and high-quality weapon, which can also be used as a tool in case of emergencies. Guns and other fire arms constitute such weapons but are very lethal and have limited utility. There are other implements such as Benchmade Knives which can be used in multiple applications.

I came across this website which offers several highly innovative products for the police and security forces. The range of benchmade knives available with them is impressive and conform to high standards of quality. Their manufacturing unit is completely computerised and their products are well engineering to perform their tasks.