Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Blog About Bangalore

When I was back home in Bangalore I made an attempt to compile all the information about interesting spots around the city. One of the reasons was that there were too many people criticizing my home town as being a boring place with nothing interesting. I wanted to compile data and publish a book as a response to these nay-sayers. Something that never happened, perhaps my efforts were not true enough. Well I recently came to the conclusion that instead of just sitting on the data and pictures that I have collected I would just upload all of it online.
That led me to promote another blog titled "Our Bengaluru". It is right now has only few posts and very little information. So I have made it only on invitation. If someone wants to know more about the blog they need to write to me to provide them access to the blog.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Republic Day 2010

It is India's 60th Republic Day tomorrow (January 26), of course Indians in Dallas already celebrated the event on Saturday. The true celebration and the fantastic parade of the Indian army can be seen on TV. It is one of the grandest events in the Subcontinent. I have never attended one of the parades personally but have watched it on TV for several years.
Due to the terrorist threats from across the border the security measures have been heightened in Delhi in the past few years. I wonder why our neighboring country which got its everything from our country is so hell bent on fomenting terror. It is ironical that they broke away from India and instead of becoming a richer, prosperous nation they have degenerated into terrorism, regional strife and poverty. While India though experiencing hostile neighbors in all sides, terror attacks from more than one neighbor, and numerous internal problems has tread the path of national development and is slowly but surely emerging as a economic power. I wonder when the fanatic neighbors will realize this and start improving the quality of life of their citizens.
Anyway for now it is a very happy Republic Day to all of you.