Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Memory is such a unique thing for everything with a brain... or a chip or a hard drive. An inanimate object like the computer hard drive doesn't have the choice of what to remember. We as living and autonomous creatures have this choice of storing what we want in our memories.

When we are young and cramming for exams we wish we had more memory. When we forget someone's phone number and trying desperately to remember we beat ourselves up for not noting it down. Even as the modern gadgets are making our memories smaller and smaller we rue the fact that there is so much information to remember while at school.

As we age our memories become weaker and we don't remember as much as we used to in our youth. For some of us this may be a great blessing because it is an opportunity to permanently forget all the bad things that happened to us. For others it may be a curse because we can't seem to remember those wonderful moments of our life.

Wouldn't it be nice if selective memory were possible. Just imagine if like all the physical enhancements are possible by modern medicine, mental or memory tuning were possible? I am pretty sure many of us would want to go in and get certain incidents of our life erased permanently from our memories.