Friday, October 07, 2011

Walking on Wilson Creek Trail

Yesterday I went for a walk along the 1.5 mile Wilson Creek Trail in the McKinney Town Lake Recreation area. It was a nice evening and the weather was just perfect to enjoy the great outdoors. As I approached the parking lot I was impressed by the number of cars and then I saw that the entire Wilson Creek playing fields was filled with children, youngsters, teenagers and older people. Most of them playing soccer, American football, lacrosse or some other similar highly involved team sport. This kind of infrastructure has been created by the government so that people can enjoy the outdoors and then of course the natural wooded areas around the Wilson Creek are preserved. That is achieving two goals with one task. Simply taking a walk along the trail besides the wooded area and looking at the creek meandering by is a big de-stressor for me. Nature so beautiful helps me forget my troubles and focus on my dreams, goals and ambitions.

Here are some pictures.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Happy Navrathri 2011

Mysore Palace, illuminated for the Dasara fest...Image via WikipediaNavrathri or Dushera or Dasara is one of the most important festivals of more than a fifth of the world's population. I mean there are over a billion Hindus worldwide and all these people celebrate this festival which commemorates the victory of god over demons, light over darkness, good over evil, etc. This is one f the most widely celebrated festivals among the Indian diaspora in the US. When I say Indian I mean the Hindus from India, not the native American tribals and their half-bred white descendants who so ardently cling on to this ethnic identity label and refuse to let go and take pride in their own national identity.

The highlight of Dasara or Navrathri in my home state in India is the celebrations in Mysore. The way these celebrations are carried out is simply mind-blowing and people from across the world come to view the grandeur of this event.

Anyway this post is about the celebration of Navrathri and I sure wish everyone across the world irrespective of their religion, nationality, ethnic identity, or culture a very happy festival season.

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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Coming Soon: Jersey City Project - An Intriguing TV Series

This post brought to you by Untitled Jersey City Project. All opinions are 100% mine. (1 page)

I came to know about this Untitled Jersey City Project, a brand new experimental television series about the development of Jersey City across from Manhattan. I watched most of the eight short-form episodes available online and was intrigued by the plot. There are several forceful characters who look fantastic and perform even better.

The short trailers or sneak previews available on youtube have whetted my curiosity and I am waiting for the series to be named and launched formally. There is action, suspense, sex, romance, murder, and mystery all packaged in the right doses in this series. The series showcases corporate America very well. The smooth talking business executives who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. I have attached a video clip for you all to watch and get a feel of what it will be like.



After watching the previews on youtube I am beginning to wonder what the Untitled Jersey City Project will be called once it is comes on air or gets into production mode from being in the experiment mode.

I have been talking about the new work-in-progress TV series, but you will get the real feel only when you go online and watch the previews. I would encourage you to give me the feedback on the series and tell me if I am right in looking forward for the series or am I being over enthusiastic for a normal soap? I'd appreciate all feedback in this regard.

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