Thursday, November 10, 2011

A walk in the Wild

I went to the 380 Greenbelt park last week after work and walked a small part of the 10 mile trail that is part of the Lake Ray Roberts and Lake Lewisville trail system. This park and trail is one of the few places in DFW area where there is so much tree cover that sun light streaks through only at some places to illuminate the trail. Other places are quite dark during evenings and early morning. I was there at late afternoon and I thoroughly enjoyed the walk.

A Walk in the Wild
Looking for quiet and peace,
Seeking solitude and solace,
I venture out of urban space
Into the jungles and green space

Little did I know,
the wilderness is no longer the getaway place
for those who shun the corporate rat race
It has indeed become the competitive space

For all the naturalists, and eco-lobbyists
who solely live by creating tons and tons of drama
around the theme of environmental protection
have descended into the wilderness
To make it more constricted a space
than the narrow congested boulevards
Of Downtowns of American cities

Heaving a Sigh of sadness
I return home, which has less noise pollution
than the jungle where one hears
nothing but automobile sounds