Friday, October 18, 2013

Money and Happiness!

"Money can't buy happiness" goes the old adage. The modern alternative to that is "Those who say Money can't buy happiness, simply don't know where to shop". This is at least true for 99% of the world's sane, thinking and normal population. The remaining 1% belong to the old school and still think there is not enough money in this world to buy happiness. I have heard colleagues of mine say "This company can't pay me enough to come to work on a Sunday or holiday...." It simply goes to illustrate that they simply don't know the strength of the financial muslce an organization can flex.
My personal opinion, money can buy happiness, as long as the money is in your pocket. The minute it changes hands you lose both money and happiness. Food for thought!!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Aruba - My Next Holiday Destination

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Aruba Tourism Authority for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I was scouting for a place to go which is accessible, fun, affordable, exotic, and most importantly year around I stumbled upon Aruba, an island destination that has everything one could dream of. Aruba, appropriately called "one happy island" offers amazing options for every kind of holiday seeker - the foodie, shopper, beach lover, adventurer, honeymooning couple, and anyone for that matter.

Aruba is a small enough that everything is within reach but large enough to give you the variety in landscape that is bound to enthrall and entice everyone. While Aruba offers something for everyone, I am sure your reasons for visiting or wanting to go there could be quite different from mine.

I am looking forward to Aruba travel simply because of the amazing outdoor activities and adventure sports that the island offers. The island has some of the most amazing geographical formations and landscapes in the world. A unique combination of mountains and oceans is what draws me to Aruba.

I can climb tall mountains and refresh myself in the azure waters and lounge around on the ivory beaches. I am looking forward to a soul-soothing experience while hiking through 20 plus miles of trails across the wilderness of the Arikok National Park.

Personally speaking I am a water baby. I simply feel at home in natural waters of the ocean and the fact that Aruba's beaches offer amazing swimming opportunities make me want to go there today. Not to mention that the rising waves entice me to rent a surfboard and fly across the ocean.

I personally believe Aruba is one location for everyone. For those who don't want to drive or rent a car the public bus service is convenient and inexpensive. There are a number of taxis available for those who want a little exclusivity and speed. If you do want to rent a car then there are number of advantages, parking is free through the island, driving is on the right side of the road and the best thing is that foreign and international licenses are accepted.

I rest my case here about wanting to visit Aruba this year. What is your case? How would you enjoy Aruba, let me know I would love to discuss further about holiday options, plans and activities that you plan to undertake in Aruba.

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Texas Sunset

A typical Texas Fall Sunset. Photographed by a colleague of mine with a smart phone.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

5 Foods Americans Eat that Are Banned Around the World - Yahoo News

Growing up in India I recall the huge furore about BVO or Brominated Vegetable Oil being used in soft drinks, chocolate, etc. Consumer groups hounded these corporations and the government to ban products using BVO and the campaign was quite successful back then in the 1980s. Now I hope the ban continues. I am shocked to know that American corporations continue to spew out products with BVO quite regularly and not to mention growth hormones which makes the children and adults here grow to gigantic proportions. Wonder how it would be in India with so many multinational brands fighting for their share of the billion plus market.

5 Foods Americans Eat that Are Banned Around the World | Shine Food - Yahoo Shine
These common foods in America include ingredients that other countries ban
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