Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Training... Training and more training

Now-a-days the primary pre-occupation of my mind is on the MS-150 bike ride, the date of which is fast approaching. Until recently I had been training off and on in the gym, on some trails and mostly using the mountain bike. But yesterday I decided to change my training regimen and increase the number of miles I ride. Hence I took down the Miyata racing cycle which I had bought recently at a garage sale. It was a pleasant difference to ride a low-slung racing bicycle after a long time. Initially it was a challenge to maintain balance and effectively manage gears.. but once I got a hang of it, riding this bike became a piece of cake. I am trying to clock at least 10 miles a day on the bicycle so on May 2 & 3 I will be well prepared to do the 80 miles required.

Meanwhile I found this video of another individual who is riding to raise funds for Multiple Sclerosis and felt it was an inspiring one. Do take a look and let me know what you think. And of course do take time to visit my participant page and donate for the cause.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Join me to eradicate Multiple Sclerosis

I had earlier blogged about registering for a 160-mile bicycle ride to obtain donations for Multiple Sclerosis Research. Well as the D-day approaches I continue to scout for generous people who could open their hearts and wallets and donate for this cause. I recently came across this video which features real people suffering from MS. Apart from being MS affected people they all have one thing in common: They are all working to make a difference for the millions of others affected by the same disease.

Should we leave the problem of MS to those afflicted and their families and friends? I don't think so.. I believe that everyone in this world should get involved and work towards making a difference. The final questions boils down to: What will you do to eradicate MS from the world?

The easiest way perhaps is to support my ride.