Friday, July 16, 2010

Sailing Across the Lewisville

Yesterday I got the opportunity to sail a boat with two new friends. These two gentlemen are retired and trying to pursue their hobbies more frequently now. I just tagged along with them on the big boat and it was a pretty good learning experience both in terms of sailing and otherwise. For one thing sailing with modern sailboats is not so tough, everything is fixed right and so long as you know what you are doing one can sail pretty efficiently. There is no need for brute force to tie down the mast or sails, there is no need for special technique because things have been made easy by smart inventors of these boats and accessories.

Well we set sail from one of the few FREE docks/ boat ramps on Lewisville Lake's shoreline and bounced across the waters for sometime before we were able to catch some strong winds and hit the high waters. The boat moves pretty fast if the wind is right and it often gets scary too. Since it was my first experience sailing a modern water craft, I was all eyes and ears to learn the intricacies of what is to be done.

There were occasions when the wind dropped and we just drifted along without being able to move. And then while crossing under a bridge I thought our mast almost touched the underside of the concrete structure, but luckily we passed without an incident.

Overall the day was great for sailing and I have a brand new experience to talk about now.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Better Video Calls with faceVision!!!

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Back in DFW

Well... it was a fantastic and rejuvenating vacation in India. There has been so many changes in my home town. For one thing the city has been renamed to Bengaluru from Bangalore, this gives it a strong local flavor which is obviously resented by immigrants who have made the city their home and continue to dominate over the locals. But hey! who cares... it is the locals who decide what to call their city... Anyway there has been quite a radical change in the state of roads in the city and generally in most places I visited... Mysore, Nanjangud, Kanakapura, etc. It was nice to catch up with old friends and family after a gap of over 2 years and thankfully nobody had forgotten me.

Now that I am back to where I officially belong I gotta get back to work and school doing what I am supposed to do. Will continue to blog about the numerous things happening in my life and what I feel about the happenings in the world...