Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Better Video Calls with faceVision!!!

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My country of residence is different from that of my parents and sister. The fastest way to be in touch with them was via telephone until the internet explosion happened. Now I can talk to them, face to face through video chat over the internet. Applications such as Skype, Yahoo messenger, google talk, etc have broken the image barrier and brought families together. But sometimes video chat via Skype can be quite frustrating with grainy images and garbled voice. I have tried and tested several different video cams available in the market, several of them even promise HD quality images but they fail when it comes to delivery. These cameras are good no doubt but when it comes to working over the internet they somehow don't provide the desired quality.

I recently came across a new series of video cams that promise to improve the video chatting experience over the internet. I am pretty sure that faceVsion will make the image quality lot better which will enable us to get as real a picture of the person we are talkign to. The main drawback in video chat with other video cams I have experienced is the low picture quality. This is often frustrating because I long to see the faces of my loved ones and the gadgets don't support me. Now with FV touchcam N1 I am quite confident that this will be a thing of past. This new technology offers a chance to make true HD quality Skype video calls. Another scenario where I can think of using this technology is when I am talking to my long distance business associates. They will feel a lot better when they see my face, when voice alone can't convey the entire message.

This technological gadget FV touchcam N1 is the first internet streaming true HD webcam specially built for Skype video calls. The gadget has other applications such as an application known as
faceVision on line store where users can shop using the camera.

Now is the best time to get your dream gadget and talk to your family, friends, clients and associates using HD quality video technology. Subscribe to the FV ExpressCombo and derive the benefits.

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