Saturday, May 28, 2011

Affordable eyeglasses from Zenni!

Since the time I immigrated to the United States I have come to understand that there are few things in the American way of life that make it financially hard. Home ownership, healthcare and finding adequate employment when you hit middle age.

In this post I am going to talk about healthcare with particular relevance to eye care. Health care services of any kind is expensive in this country. If one doesn't have good insurance coverage, it is nearly impossible to have any access to healthcare. The prohibitive costs make it better to be ill than in debt.

After couple of hundred years of unbridled capitalism in all sectors people are getting wary of these practices and there are entrepreneurs and enterprises which offer solutions.

One such company I know of is Zenni Optical. This is perhaps the only company that offers prescription eyeglasses for as little as $6.95. In this economy and era of rising prices how is it that this company has managed to continue to offer cost effective solutions to people? It has been possible because Zenni doesn't believe in the traditional business model. Their business is based on the internet and hence there is no middle men involved. They spend next to nothing for their advertising and thus there is no overhead.

All this translates to immense benefits to the consumer. That is why people who value time and money get their glasses done by Zenni.

Ray Roberts Lake - Quiet Aqua Forte

Yesterday I visited the oceanic Ray Roberts Lake. Located in North Texas, not too far from where I live is this expansive water body that offers great recreational facilities for those who want to get away from the city and its pollution. It's 30,000 acre water span has enough space, depth and water for everyone to enjoy boating, fishing, swimming, or just watching the vast expanse of water. For those who want to be grounded and wish to wander around trees and rolling hills the area surrounding the lake has been marked off as a state park and is full of tall trees criss-crossed by numerous hiking, biking and walking trails.

Our visit was not a well planned one so we just spent time watching and wading in the water and taking some pictures of the area. Next time around we may be able to take a dip, go kayaking or ride a bicycle around the forests.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Doomsday failure...

May 21st came and went and we are still alive, the world as we know it continues to exist and thrive. The man behind all the frenzy Harold Camping made a pretty sum in the form of donations and continues to state that rapture will happen.

Harold Camping: Doomsday Preacher Explains Failed Rapture Prediction - ABC News

A clear case of history repeating itself. This Christian Pastor had claimed rapture in the late 1990s and when it didn't happen he said the very same thing that it was a "mathematical error" on his part.

The world will come to an end when some lunatic gets hold of the nuclear weapon stockpile. Otherwise we are safe. There is no danger from God to this world, if there is any danger it is from human beings.