Thursday, January 20, 2011

Suing as a way of life in the US....

A year ago I had to take a sociology class and the opening statement of the professor was "We are a very litigant society." It is true, America is of the world's largest litigant societies. People and corporations sue each other at the drop of the hat. It is not a big wonder that Attorney's/ Lawyers make a lot of money in this country.

This afternoon while after checking my e-mail I saw a screaming headline on talking about some women who fell into the icy waters of a Mall fountain as she rushed in busy texting on her mobile phone. Apparently the woman had been so preoccupied with her mobile phone that she failed to notice that she was walking into a fountain. The security cameras captured the video and it went viral thanks to someone who posted it on youtube. The lady became an overnight sensation across the country.

She grabbed the opportunity with both hands and went on air on CNN and other popular media claiming that she would sue the mall authorities. Well the latest on that is that she has her own set of legal issues.

Anyway the point I wanted to make was that, this woman was foolish enough to get so engrossed on the phone and fall into the fountain. After making a fool of herself, she is now trying make money out of it by suing the mall. That is why I get the impression that suing is a way of life in the US.

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