Monday, October 12, 2009

Attn. Canadian Residents! Here is your chance to win a $32,000 Kitchen Makeover

How would you like to have a complete kitchen makeover for the oncoming holiday season? Well you can get a $32,000 Dream Kitchen, if you are a Canadian Resident and wish to participate in the Dream Kitchen Contest. Other prizes include Frigidaire refrigerators and a chance to get upto $500.00 off your next purchase from Frigidaire. Now that is what I would call a completely "win-win situation". Even if you don't win the $32,000 Dream Kitchen you still get a $500 rebate for nothing.

Let me tell you more about the contest, the phenomenal website I visited and all other details. The Maple Leaf website is the ultimate place for all kitchen stuff, there are lip smacking meats, mouth watering cold cuts and deli meats, and a great frozen selection. There are separate sections for bakery, pasta maker, meat, meals made easy.

I am not a great cooking enthusiast so I made a beeline for the meals made easy section and guess what I found! There are notes and tips which will help people like me to rustle up a great meal within no time at all. That is not all you could even create a custom shopping list for the meal you want to cook. This will save your time and your family will love the food.

Don't forget all you need to do is go to Maple Leaf website and register for the contest. Who knows! you may be the winner of $32,000 kitchen makeover!!!

Remember this contest is open only to Canadian residents!!!


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