Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Save on Auto Insurance!!!

Automobile ownership comes with several costs and many studies have proved that Insurance can be one of the top costs. I guess these studies are old because I just found a great new website where I can get Free Auto Insurance Quotes from a wide array of providers and choose the best that works. The website claims to provide you upto $500 savings on your insurance payments.

I decided to check it out for myself and visited PremiumAutoInsurance.net. I opted to get quotes from Geico and Nationwide insurance companies. We have two cars in our family. I commute to school and work while my significant other works from home. So her car is pretty much a vehicle for leisure. Under these circumstances I wanted to know if any savings could be achieved by switching to a new insurance provider.

The quotes I received online were free so that is one hassle free transaction. As per the Geico quote I stand to save over $800 a year on our auto insurance costs. That is a great saving indeed. Nationwide's quote was not so attractive, but did give me a small discount from the present rate.

After my experience with PremiumAutoInsurance.net I would encourage you all to check it out before buying insurance. If your insurance is due for renewal I'd suggest you consider your options and see if you can save money before blindly renewing your policy with the current provider.


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