Friday, February 07, 2014

Money Breaks Families!!!

Money, wealth, riches, opulence, treasure, whatever the term one might use to describe the means of transaction in this world is often the cause of disputes between people. Money has the power to buy anything in this world... people joke that "Those who say money can't buy everything doesn't know where to shop". In the same parlance money makes best friends into worst enemies, and turns family into foes.

This is what has happened to the family of the late Civil Rights Activist Rev. Martin Luther King's family. His children have been fighting over his estate of papers, letters, property, and now even the bible he carried and his Nobel Peace Prize are in the dispute. I came across a news article about how the daughter and sons of the late hero are in court battling over the possession and ownership of the last two items mentioned above.

Sad but true children don't seem to care about their parent's legacy if it doesn't turn into money. I guess then money is what makes the world go round for these people.

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