Monday, January 10, 2011

Happenings in Bengaluru!!!

Though I am in the US in body and physique, my heart and soul are in Bengaluru, India and in our farm at Kadvekere Doddi, Kanakapura, India. Meanwhile our farm is being managed by my good friend Anand who has promoted a venture known as Basic Halli, an adventure, nature getaway from the Silicon Valley of India.

I recently received an update that the first harvest of organic vegetables is available to people. Hopefully during the next harvest I will be present to pick the fruits off of our farm. But for now I content myself in looking at the pictures of the produce and the area.

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Anonymous said...

congradulations on the harvest, my prayer for you is that it will continue and you will be able to see up close the fruits of your community'Check out my updated blog and let me know your thoughts.
s labor. :)