Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Trammell Crow Lake in Trinity Park

Last week we went exploring Dallas downtown and the south of the commercial district. Thus far we had been to cities like Frisco, McKinney, Plano, Carrollton etc, all located North of Downtown Dallas. I always wondered what was their on the south side. Sometime ago an opportunity presented itself for us to explore this part of the city.

As we approached the south side of Dallas on the I-35 I was a little shocked by its rundown appearance. It looks like a ghost town, narrow, pot-holed streets, dirty neighborhoods. If not for the absence of crowds, beggars and walking public, this part of the city looks more like small town India. But for cars whizzing past one would think it is really a ghost town abandoned by its people. As we were driving we chanced upon a vast open space flanking both sides of the road. We stopped to take a closer look and inside there is a small lake with a boat ramp/ pier, walking trails and cattle sculptures installed to beautify the place.

Signboard announcing the name of the park and lake.

Even in this seemingly forsaken place it is commendable that the local authorities have put in their effort to create such a beautiful, landscaped open space for recreation. There are facilities for football, soccer, hiking, running, boating and fishing in this park. There is no entry fee and there were hardly anybody in the park. Perhaps because it was in the afternoon or perhaps it is still winter here. Spring is just starting and people are just beginning to stir outdoors. Sometimes I feel that people here hibernate much like animals, they don't come out during winters and come summer they are all out in their finery.

Here are some pictures of the Trinity Park and the Trammell Crow Lake, south of Dallas downtown. Do leave your comments if you like them or hate them.

Bird perched upon one of the posts in the boat pier.

Cattle and cowboys are inseparable part of Texas. If not the real ones then the sculptures made of stone, metal or even concrete will do.

Closer view of the cattle sculptures in Trinity Park, near the Trammel Crow Lake.

Another cow, this is tired and sitting in the shade of a large tree which has shed leaves during fall and is slowly turning green as spring appoaches.

The road cuts right across the park, but in a bid to cause minimum disturbance to people enjoying the park the road is built like a flyover across the park. That is a nice thought and should be emulated elsewhere in the world.

The solitary tree near the Trammel Crow Lake which is just sprouting green buds presents a great sight.


Anonymous said...

Anywhere in the southside of Dallas you will repeat this scene. Everyone is working and trying to survive. No families taking a stroll throught the neighborhood. More important things to worry about.

Anonymous said...

The TC lake park has beautiful views of the downtown Dallas skyline, especially during the night time when the lights reflect off the lake. You should check it out sometime and post those pics! Glad you're exploring the city and discovering it, most immigrants I know just stick to their small circle of friends/colleagues. Dallas is a very big city, is among the fastest growing metros in the US, and has a lot to offer to every taste, so hope it's growing on you :)