Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Phenomenon: Intrusive Light Pollution!

Ever heard of this term Intrusive Light Pollution? Well I had never heard of this kind of pollution until today. I came across this term while reading a newsreport about a debate over installation of lights in White Rock Lake. The article titled "Debate heats up over lake's proposed lights" was published in today's Dallas Morning News.

Apparently city authorities have proposed to install about 50 lights atop 20 feet tall poles in the parking lots and along the walking trails around the 1,015 acre city lake at an astronomical cost of $310,000. And later an additional 100 lights at about $500,000. But people living around the lake are not happy, they say that installation of the glow from lights would be too harsh and cause "Intrusive Light Pollution".

I had been to White Rock Lake a few months ago and believe me it is one of the most beautiful spots I have seen in thi area. The beautiful aqua forte has facilities for several outdoor activities such as a hiking and biking trail (9.33 miles); Audubon Society-designated bird watching area and wetlands site; picnic areas; Fishing piers for catfish, sunfish, and bass fishing. Apart from this numerous special events, including the March of Dimes Walk America, White Rock Marathon and the White Rock Lake Trash Bash take place regularly in the lake.

According to the article the authorities want to install lights to boost up security in the vast open areas around the lake. Quite obviously a step in the right direction, but then this installation is not going down too well with people living around the lake. So now the citizens are meeting for a public debate to decide on the issue.. whether security is more important or prevention of "Intrusive Light Pollution"...

For me, I find it funny that there is a debate at all. :)

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