Friday, May 02, 2008

Uno the One-wheeled motorcycle

Bikers across the world are accused of reckless riding and being a hazard to road users, especially in first world countries where speeds are very high. In heavy traffic nations like India, China, motorcycles are considered very dangerous vehicles. This was the reports we heard when motorcycles had two wheels. Now there is this new motocycle named "UNO". The creation of 18-year-old innovator and motorcycle designer Benjamin Gulak, the Uno actually has two wheels but they are set side-by-side, instead of one behind the other as in traditional models. But since the wheels are so close together it can be considered as one entity.

It is simple to ride this electric powered wonder. You lean forward to make it move ahead and lean backward to slow it down. There is a single on/off switch to operate this uni-motorcycle. The Uno was showcased at the 2008 National Motorcycle Show in Toronto and attracted lot of attention. This was the first public appearance of the bright orange and grey Uno.

I am sure it would become very popular in India where space is premium as also economy. Powered by electric motors this wont consume too much petrol and being compact it will fit into the small parking spaces that are available. And it can carry two people too.... at least there is a pillion seat.

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Anonymous said...

all i have to say is wow, a motorized unicycle sounds as dangerous as it looks but with that segway upright gyro i think he might have made and economic breakthrough id go out and buy one!