Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Illegal immigrants number reducing!

One of the biggest complaints of the US government as well as a majority of its citizens was about illegal immigrants (mostly hispanic) living, working and enjoying the facilities paid for by the taxpayers. According to the Washington-based Center for Immigration Studies this number was pegged at about 11.2 million, about 4 percent of the entire population. When I came to know of this statistics I was a little surprised. Consider this population break up of the US:

Total population: 300 million
Adult population: 230 million
Population in Jail: 3 million
Illegal immigrants: 11.2 million (12.5 million in August 2007)

I read a newsreport in todays Dallas Morning News which talks about illegal immigrants reducing in number by a staggering 1 million. This was kind of expected with prices of essential commodities rising rapidly and falling employment and salaries. Many illegal immigrants from Mexico and other Latin American countries left US to return to their home countries because living here had become too expensive.

These findings are the result of an exhaustive study conducted by the Center for Immigration Studies, Washington. Among the report’s conclusions: “The decline in the illegal population, whatever the cause, seems to directly challenge the argument that illegal aliens are here to stay and there is no way to induce many of them to return home. … In fact, if the current trend were sustained, it would cut the illegal population in half within just five years.”

A majority of the US legal population is hoping that this trend would continue and grow.

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