Thursday, July 17, 2008

Power Steering: One of the most important parts of your car

Most of the cars available in today's market come equipped with Power steering which makes driving very easy by reducing steering effort. How does the power steering system work? And how does it derive power? Writing about this will take a little complicated explanation. To put it in one line I would say "Power steering using an external power source to assist in turning the roadwheels and makes it easy on the driver".

According to Wikipedia, power steering was invented in the 1920s by Klara Gailis and George Jessup in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA. But they didn't patent the technology and in 1932 Francis W. Davis patented this in the US. But it was only in 1951 that Chrysler Corporation introduced the first commercially available power steering system on its 1951 Chrysler Imperial under the name Hydraguide.

Let us come back to knowing about the basic parts of a power steering system. The basic parts of a power steering system includes a steering rack and steering box. These two parts functioning properly will ensure your car running smoothly. But then these parts are subject to wear and tear and you will need to buy new parts to replace and rejuvenate the system.

There is a brand new online store which has all the power steering rack parts you need. They offer full warranty and free shipping on all orders. The array of parts is simply amazing and every product is passed through the most stringent quality tests before putting it up for sale. Especially the steering box and steering rack. There are other parts of the steering system including the rack and pinion, rack and pinion assemblies, rack and pinion units or gearbox. If you take good care of these parts, the car will never give up on you.

This is one store to buy all the parts of steering systems such as racks and boxes at affordable prices. These parts are the same high quality ones as the dealers use and there is no compromise on quality. But price yes, you get better rates than at dealerships and you get free shipping too. There are moder technologies such as Magna Steer, Servotronic, Speed Proportional Steering, Variable Assist and the resurgence of the Center Steer design. All these systems use racks and boxes but each with an highly evolved design and high technology components. You just need to visit the online store of Power Steering Pros and you will get all the parts.

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